Braided Headband

Me looking "Afrocentric"

I’ve been on this natural hair journey for nearly 11 months now (10 months and three weeks but really, who’s counting), and while I’ve embraced this change about 75% of the time, I have definitely had my share of “off” days. Natural-haired ladies (and even relaxed, I’m sure you can relate a bit), you know what I mean-you wake up one day and it’s as if your curls have literally taken on a mind of their own. What was once soft, curly, bouncy and perfectly coiffed/even has now transformed itself into a frizzy, rough, uneven FRO with no sense of control or direction. I knew that I needed to get a grip on my hair when a payroll client came in and exclaimed, “you’re REALLY nailing that Afrocentric look today.” Huh? “Thanks?”
          As of recent I’ve seen quite a few White women rocking braids in the front of their hair. I love the look on them. Amid the long strands of flat, straight hair, one or a few, single/cornrowed braids in the front of their head adds a bit of texture/playfulness to a basic, mundane style. I’ve been wanting to try something similar on my own head but because I’m obviously not White and my hair has more texture than I know what to do with at times, I wasn’t sure if I’d just look corny or lame. Nevertheless, despite my reservations, I tried it. I’m def a fan. What do you think?          


3 thoughts on “Braided Headband

  1. FIrst and foremost, I love the braid – I actually do a little braid to my hair, too! Second thing is – for the Afrocentric looking picture – did you purposely put on the serious face? Just wondering why you look so powerful and serious in the fro shot? Love you.

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