Life’s Too Short To Be Unhappy

If only every day were like this...

            I have a philosophy on life that has been newly acquired.  It’s actually pretty basic-avoid things that make me unhappy because life’s too short to be unhappy.  This simple mantra began alongside my natural hair journey (I’ve changed A LOT since jumping on the natural hair bandwagon-I may go into those changes in a future post) and the longer I stick it out, the more likely I’ve been finding myself to act impulsively and throw caution to the wind a bit.  While I am VERY comfortable with this, I can not ignore the fact that it also FREAKS me out.  Pre-natural-haired days, I was a planning freak.  I had a game plan for everything it seemed and if Plan A fell through¸ Plan B was on deck, but I digress…

            Up until recently, avoiding things that make me unhappy has been pretty easy.  I decided that I needed to DRASTICALLY cut down on my spending so I moved back home in order to get my finances together.  I hated the job that I had been at for 1 ½ yrs, so after nearly 1 yr of planning, I finally quit for a better job.  I had a few friendships that I didn’t care to hold onto anymore (nothing wrong with the people, I honestly had just quit caring about the friendships), so I unabashedly let those go.  I’ve been pretty cutthroat when it comes to cutting things off that make me unhappy, but there’s a new job I have that’s been complicating this.

            At my new serving job (I have a long, wide-ranging career in the serving industry), it’s MUCH more demanding than anything I had ever anticipated.  Along with the ridiculous demands, too many (i.e. majority) of my coworkers lack diversity in their lives and have a severe need for some sort of sensitivity training (I’ve heard enough references to “a Japan lady” and “midgets” to make me question what is said about Blacks when I am not around).  I’ve stuck the job out this long because of the promise of the money that is to be made-I was sold on the dream that because the restaurant is a top tier establishment, I will make top tier money.  They lied.  So while I am now doing 2-3x the service/sidework duties I would in a regular restaurant, I am NOT making 2-3x the money I would in a regular restaurant.  Add to this the fact that I’m MISERABLE there, I’m ready to quit.  Simply put, I’m unhappy.

            But then my dad talked to me (as many are aware, I am THE definition of Daddy’s Girl).  He was speaking to me about my character and work ethic and mentioned that my biggest flaw is the fact that as soon as something is not going my way/gets difficult, I quit.  He went on to elaborate that the holidays are coming up and there will be legitimate money to be made in this top-tier restaurant I’m currently employed at, I need to stick it out, blah blah blah. 

            So long story short, I’ve been left to wonder if the whole “I refuse to be unhappy” philosophy I’ve adopted is actually just a different way of saying my OLD philosophy (pre-natural hair), “my way or the highway?”  Oh, and do I stay at this new job that I’m absolutely MISERABLE at?  Thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short To Be Unhappy

  1. My knee’s in that picture! LOL. Love the website! As Corrinne Bailey Rae says, “Girl put your makeup on, go sing your favorite song, go ahead let your hair down!” then quit! lol

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