What Do I Think of Success? It Sucks, Too Much Stress

Much sooner rather than later, I’ll have entertained a quarter-of-a-century here on this earth. My goodness, does that NOT sound like a long time (i.e. old as dirt)? That fact is so intimidating to me. The world says that there are certain things I’m supposed to have accomplished by this age, of which include:

1) Completing an education from an accredited 4-yr institution.
2) Obtain a high-paying job that I would have been unable to get without aforementioned education.
3) Have a nice amount of disposable income that allows me to shop/kick it/entertain at leisure.
4) Live in a NICE apt/house and drive an equally nice car.
5) Be well on my way to sealing the deal with the love of my life.

Well how about I’ve yet to get past the first bullet point. As Andre Dubos III so eloquently states in his novel, House of Sand and Fog, “…America, the land of milk and honey. But they never tell you the milk’s gone sour and the honey’s stolen.” The only thing that makes me feel slightly okay about my situation is that I know of many others walking in my same shoes.

We’re all out here on our daily grind, our heads raised to the sky, praying that God hears our prayers-prayers to deliver us from this rut of complacency and mediocrity. Surely this isn’t all that God has intended for us, right? Somewhere over that rainbow my pot of gold awaits me. But darn it, when is the storm going to end, so I can spot that rainbow, walk to its end and claim what’s mine!?

Oh, and spare me the infamous “there’s no test without a testimony.” The first one to spew that cliché is getting punched in their throat lol; I’m not trying to hear that right now. Peace and blessings.


5 thoughts on “What Do I Think of Success? It Sucks, Too Much Stress

  1. no one can say where you “should be” or what you “should have done” up to this point in your life. everyones journey is different and no one can tell you what you “should be doing”. as long as you are happy and working toward something, thats all that matters. its YOUR LIFE and as long as its good enough for you, everyone else can step off 🙂

  2. Your doing just fine… Don’t let that burn you out, because I’m sure you are working hard enough already. Like she said above, everyones journey is different. Live up to your expectations, and your timing.

    And LMAO at “Oh, and spare me the infamous “there’s no test without a testimony.”” …I feel like that sometimes…LMAO

  3. YOU friggin’ slacker! If they won’t tell you – I will! A diamond is just a lump of dirt until it goes through the fire!!!!!!!!! lol. Love you – flaws and all.

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