Be Safe Papa T!

A. Yancey's-Anthony and Ashley

This next week will be slightly rough for me. My father is heading to some business conference in the South somewhere (New Orleans I think). Anyone who knows me really well knows that whenever someone close to my heart leaves on a trip, I get a really anxious feeling inside. It’s like my chest gets tight, my mind gets no real rest and I don’t feel better until they get back. With Daddy being one of the closest to my heart, I’m really feeling kind of sad about it.
I know he’ll be safe. He’s bringing wifey along and we all know nothing bad will happen to him with her right there-she’s like a pit bull and will take anyone out who causes him harm. I just have to make sure I keep my mind preoccupied with other things this week to keep my mind off the fact that my Daddy/twin is gone , sigh.


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