Sexual Harassment!

You can look all you want sir, but PLEASE don't touch!

“Hey, you wanna dance?” I look back over my bare shoulder to see who it is that’s tugging on my hand. He’s about 6’0,” 210lbs, dark-browned skinned with a REALLY nice fade and hairline combo. I lean in a bit and notice his teeth are together and while his cologne is obvious, it’s not overbearing-I’m a fan. He’s definitely my type-of course I wouldn’t mind getting a little closer! “Yeah, that’s cool.”

Next thing I know, this man has positioned himself directly behind me and is grinding “nut to butt,” on my backside, thrusting so powerfully he has to grip my midsection to keep me from tumbling over. Suddenly, I’m feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I thought he wanted to dance?

Unfortunately, this is an all-to-common occurrence in thousands of clubs on any given night in America. These attractive predators lure innocent, unsuspecting women into their clutches and proceed to sexually harass them! As a result of the aforementioned scenario, now whenever a man asks me to dance my response is, “Heck no!”


5 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment!

  1. ahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah! nut to butt hahahahhhhhhhhhhhahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahh….thrusting so hard he has to keep you from tumbling hahahahahhahahahhahahahah! talk about getting off…whew!

  2. LMAO! That is why I always ask first. And no man should be grinding harder than the woman, so I’m confused as to what was going through his head. LOL

  3. HAHA This is funny. SOme girls twerk so hard that you have to meet them with equal force or you’ll fall over.

    I’m weak at you peering over your shoulder to make sure he was aight.

  4. lol ALWAYS gotta check the dude out…what do I look like conversating with trash in public? lol nah, that sounded so ridiculous I take that back Mike :/

    And Travis, YOU might ask first but TOO many of these dudes out here use “dancing” as an excuse to try/feel for a little more. They are out here trying to violate women and unfortunately, there are too many women out here down for that cause. It trips me out!

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