We All Have Our Time [To Die], Somebody’s Gotta Go…

Sometimes in my family we have semi-morbid conversations. We tend to take the humorous road in matters pertaining to life and the topic on this one particular day was death within a relationship. The particular question posed was, “Between you and your beau, who would handle a death better? Should he or she die first, based on how hard/bad the other will take it?”
It’s no secret when reflecting on the passing of the GREAT Robert L. Yancey, that perhaps Norma Jean should have gone first. Grandma took Papa’s death HARD. Very HARD. I think that had Grandma gone first, Papa would have been better equipped to deal. My father and Rita came up. We all agreed that Rita needs to go first-when Dad was on his deathbed as a result of that dreadful aneurysm, Rita was going THROUGH it!
When I look at Shelby and Mike, I haven’t seen them married long enough to really know. They’re both pretty young right now-if one of them dies, is it not safe to assume that there’s a good chance they’d remarry? Eek! And then myself, I’m nowhere near married, but if I’m honest with myself, I have VERY similar character traits to Norma Jean-my future hubby better outlive me, otherwise I may SNAP! Yikes!


7 thoughts on “We All Have Our Time [To Die], Somebody’s Gotta Go…

  1. I would have to agree with you… My wife would have to outlive me as well. This is a frightening thought though. I wouldn’t even feel comfortable having this conversation with someone. lol!

  2. lol Travis! You sound like my Aunt Lynne/Uncle Ken (Shelby’s parents)…Uncle Ken would be a HOT MESS if Aunt Lynne left first. Somehow I think Aunt Lynne would be able to pull her bearings together and make it without him. She’s so strong/powerful.

  3. THANK YOU, YOU STINKIN’ BRAT! THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT DEATH with my grandparents, me, and my parents! You are nothing but a negative nancy. Travis, MOST PEOPLE wouldn’t have this conversation with someone else! A.Yancey lives in “RIDICULOUSLY MORBID VILLAGE” population – 1 person.

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