Fantasia Got A Little TOO Real For Me!

Ride or die, like Bonnie and Clyde!

How many times do we hear, “There ain’t nothing like family,” or “Fam’s all you got at the end of the day,” and never think twice about it? Well, speaking for myself, I do it ALL the time. Yeah, family is cool and all, next!
Well, I was watching a newer episode of “Fantasia For Real” on VH1 and if you’re watching that show, it is evident that the craziness that’s invaded her world as a result of her relationship with a married man has TORN HER APART. Frankly, it’s sad/painful to watch at times because VH1 spares the viewer no details. Fantasia was getting so overwhelmed with all the press attention she was receiving and you could tell she was reaching her breaking point-she was about to cancel a performance and just hibernate. Suddenly, out of NOWHERE some of her family members appeared at the venue and gave Fantasia her second wind.
In that moment, I burst into tears. I mean, I was bawling my eyes out, doing that “Farrah-Faced” UGLY cry (MTV’s Teen Mom viewers caught that)! I reflected on my own life. There have been times when it seemed like opposition was coming from everywhere (school, work, friends, etc) and I wanted to go climb in a cave and disappear, yet the comfort in knowing that God and my family had my back has been comparable to NOTHING and has meant EVERYTHING! That moment was so POWERFUL!
Whoever your support system is, be grateful! Don’t take it for granted. I realize that not everyone may have much of a family so whoever it is you’re relying on, APPRECIATE them! I better not EVER/DARE take mine for granted-if anything, watching Fantasia will make me hang on to them a bit tighter because I understand all of our days are numbered. Before I sign off, I’d like to leave you with this…I’m sure you’re already familiar, but a little reminder has NEVER hurt anybody 🙂

“He saw the best in me
When everyone else around
Could only see the worst in me
I wish I had a witness tonight”

-Marvin Sapp


4 thoughts on “Fantasia Got A Little TOO Real For Me!

  1. AMEN!!! I am a HUGE family person! Sometimes I sit and think, knowing, that without my family, it would be hard to make it. They give me a strength that nobody else does. It also helped that my parents raised me to always value family! And I will make sure I raise my kids the same. Everyone has a support system! That is so right! And I will never take mine for granted. It has gotten me this far! Good post!

  2. Fancy A Yancey! Hey girl! Shel put me on to your blog…congrats!

    So I will say this about Fantasia and this posting…I LOVE her. Like…I’ve always appreciated her because she’s from NC and was pretty much hooked on her story and song from the Idol win on… but, of late, she has really been on my LOVE list!! I am inspired her voice and many songs (old and new) and when I hear it, this feeling of rebirth, soul, and inspiration just comes over me! I know, I know, at times the show can be a bit over the top and conform to the world of reality TV (Teeny, etc) BUT, I feel that we’re really getting to see a true side of her as a human and an [“underdog”] artist, and I am becoming more of a fan each day. To end my rant lol, I have been blasting this all day:

    My FAVE song of ALL time by her!



  3. Travis, you are ALWAYS tweeting about your fam so I know you feel me!

    And thanks couso, even though you sound super sarcastic ” Walking you out of the cave was all in a days work” lmbo i can’t stand you!

    And hey Asia! Thanks for the link to the song!

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