Good, Black Woman? Where?

Did you just call yourself a "good, Black woman?"

It appears to me that there are MANY confused women on the social networking sites.  “Confused about what?” you may ask.  They are confused about their self-identification of themselves as good, Black women.  Now of course we have our general ideas of what constitutes this-she must be well-mannered, agreeable, socially accepted, possess good character, etc.  The part that seems to catch a lot of these women up however is having a clean(er) public perception.  Unfortunately they have single-handedly committed self-sabotage!

            You know these types.  She’s the woman who LOOKS physically very attractive and it’s obvious she’s well spoken, yet nearly every single post is about how some random guy has done her dirty.  She’s forever ranting and raving about how she trusted some man with this or believed some lie about that and the next thing you know, she’s broadcasting to the Internet how slighted she feels. 

            Honestly, my heart goes out to these types.  I can’t act like it’s not salty to be lied to-it reflects a severe lack of respect.  The part that trips me up however is the fact that these types will take to the facebook, myspace and twitter airwaves to tell the whole world about this ridiculous drama (that the man will NEVER acknowledge) and then follow it up with the infamous, “I’m a good, Black woman.”

            If every single time I log onto these sites and I’m reading about your misfortune with the opposite sex, you appear to be everything BUT a good, Black woman.  If you’re SO good, why are our Black men finding it so easy to disrespect you?  Surely if your goodness is THAT obvious, disrespecting you would be the VERY last thing on a man’s mind.  As Proverbs 18:22 will always state, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.”  A man knows a good thing when he sees it-if you’re not portraying anything good (i.e. drama-filled, male-bashing posts), he will not treat you like you’re anything good.  It’s that simple.  Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Good, Black Woman? Where?

  1. ooh wee baby cuz, you did it with this one! I agree with you 100%, a LOT of people are confused. I have always believed that if you ARE truly something (a “good back woman”, “dime”,etc…) then you will NEVER HAVE to refer to yourself as such. Everyone should be able to acknowledge your aura just from being in your presence. I’ve found that most times, especially these days, people are more so trying to convince themselves that they are something more than what they actually are……

  2. I feel it couso! Another major issue is the peeps who have beef with others and let the whole world know about that as well. Like, what the heck? Go get some of your own business and be concerned about that.

  3. wowowowowoowowo couuusssooo! Whew within this short post, I laughed, I nodded (in agreement), I tensed up in an-oh-no-she-didn’t way, and I COMPLETELY AGREED! Cousin(s) (Simone, too) you guys are sooo right. My favorite is when it becomes evident through these messages that they are always talking about the same man! As a woman that has loved a man (like REALLY LOVED) for the last ten years, I will say that I would never broadcast our issues, because at the end of the day I know I am gonna come right back to him. It makes you look ridiculous talking about how he keeps “talking to this chick” and then next week “I am so blessed to have found you” and then the next week, “I hate women that think they got my man….” blah blah blah.

  4. Couso, that’s a great point too! Because we all know those chicks too…when she’s gotten over his last screw up, the spectator is still stuck on the last few screwups from the past few months and is looking at her sideways!

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