I’m a Renegade! Forget The Police!

I've received 6 of these now, smh

I remember a few years ago when police dept’s started utilizing cameras to aid in their law enforcement duties. Was that not the scariest thing ever that not only could these cameras catch you running lights, but that they could track your speed and issue speeding tickets as well? My frustration with the police reached an all-time high when a year or two later, I received two of those camera-speeding tickets within a month of each other, taken from the same light/camera! Each ticket left my pockets $85 shorter and me feeling victimized. NWA said it best, “[Forget] the police!!!”
You can imagine my surprise when, later that year deep in some random conversation, I was educated that those camera tickets are “semi-illegal.” What? “Yeah, semi-illegal!” The person’s rationale was that because there was not an actual officer present, there was no way to prove that a crime had been committed; the burden of proof falls on the police dept that issued the ticket and if they had no physical officer present, then the charge would be dismissed if any attempt was made to prosecute in court.
That rationale sounded good enough to me so I made the ignorant decision to test it. Since that conversation I’ve received 4 camera tickets, all for speeding (because really, who actually runs red lights?). I’ve paid none of them and thrown the tickets away in the trash. For two of them I’ve received a second follow-up letter from the police department telling me that I may face penalties or prosecution in court if I chose not to pay. This follow-up letter I pitch as well. I’ve yet to receive a third.
The true test came when it was time to renew my car registration. If I have 4 outstanding tickets, surely there will be a block on my registration or a warrant for my arrest? Wrong! I’ve had to renew my car’s registration three times since testing this theory-one registration on my old car and two with my new car. I’ve NEVER had any issues. So, moral of the story folks-know your rights! ☺


5 thoughts on “I’m a Renegade! Forget The Police!

  1. Haha. Ashley you are crazy. I got one when I was out of town I paid it ASAP. I have had too many problems with traffic violations to play any games. I’ll pass this story along, see where it gets someone else.

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