Yancey’s Dating Requirements



          It’s no secret that I’ve been known to make men jump through hoops before I’ve given them the time of day.  There are multiple factors and reasons for this, none of which I’ll get into today.  I’ve gotten multiple inquiries about my “requirements/rules” however-questions mainly being what they are and why they’re there.  So with no further ado, let’s get to work!  Below, I’ve listed my top 5 golden dating rules, in no particular order, that I RARELY deter from!  Enjoy and feel free to comment, tell me I’m wrong/right, etc (I’ve heard it all)!

***The following rules are adhered to until I decide that I am equally as interested in him, then it becomes more of a mutual thing***

1)      He must be “Superman.”

  • A man who is uber busy with multiple hustles (preferably one of an entrepreneurial spirit) will always grab my attention.  He’s the guy who has his hand in everything it seems, knows everyone and operates his life through his smartphone-he’s the definition of a hard worker with no days off.  This is one beast I LITERALLY hate to love and love to hate.  While I despise having to work so hard on coordinating schedules, a man with a lot of free time makes me think he’s a slacker, which then alludes to laziness, which then garners zero respect.  As a result of the above, generally my beau’s have a few years on me-who my age is REALLY coming that strong?  I blame my father for this.  I’ve definitely been known to have to schedule a time to meet with him because he’s so slammed with work from his multiple hustles and I’m his daughter.  I remember times in college where we would go weeks with zero contact because of our busy schedules.  Unfortunately as ridiculous as this “superman” character trait is, it’s what I’ve been conditioned to.

2)      I’m high maintenance in the regard that I require a lot of your time on my schedule.

  • Many men have made the wrong assessment that I’m a “high maintenance” or “bourgeoisie” chick, alluding to a shopping addiction, hours spent in salons and just an overall focus on the physical presentation.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  I do however require a LOT of time from him-his time spent texting/calling me throughout the day to see how I’m doing, his time spent trying to establish dates to enjoy my company and time spent on him attempting to take the relationship to whatever the next level will be.  All of this is expected to be initiated by him and done around my schedule though-I have two jobs and a few other personal interests that occupy quite a bit of my time.

***For all the haters, yes this point does conflict with #1.  I’m aware.  Next***

3)      Take control-make me feel like a woman.

  • Even though I will RARELY say it, I really appreciate and look forward to the little things that men do to make a woman feel like a woman.  When attempting to make plans, don’t ask “What do you want to do?”  Hopefully he’s gotten to know me well enough to know what I’d already be interested in doing.  “I’ve made plans for us to __________.  Will 7PM work for you?”  Some women may see this behavior as rude for not considering her view more, but I welcome it!  Believe me, if a decision is made that I can’t get down with, I have no problem speaking up.  Overall, take control!  Be aggressive!  Passive/soft men are a ROYAL pet peeve!  The nice guy DOES finish last, don’t let anyone tell you different.

4)      The man pays, period.

  • I’m very traditional in my outlook on men/women paying.  Long story short, he pays.  Whether it’s movies, ice cream, tickets to the newest Broadway show, or McDonald’s $1 menu, he always pays.  These days, many men are stepping down, trying to tell women that she needs to pay and take him out/show him a good time.  Any man that requests this needs to go ahead and hand his balls over because that is nothing short of b*tcha$$ness.  Period.  My current beau scored MAJOR points early on when on one date, we arrived at the venue and he realized he’d left his wallet at home.  Despite his level of fatigue from the crazy day/week he’d had and knowing I had money on hand to cover whatever bill we’d rack up, we got back in his truck and he drove back home to grab his wallet.

***On the rare occassion, it is permissable for the woman to treat, but it is so rare in the beginning stages of dating, it’s really not even worth mentioning.  The woman pays/treats/gives gifts AFTER securing an exclusive, monogamous relationship and even then, he pays majority of the time***

5)      He must have regular lineups/haircuts-I never want to see a messed up hairline.

  • Yes, it’s that simple.  A nice lineup with the accompanying haircut means more to me than a tight shoe game.  My obsession with this is SERIOUS.  For example, I used to have it BAD for John Legend.  Unfortunately I don’t anymore.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why…

***Facial hair must be precise/well groomed and I’m RARELY a fan of the 5 o’clock shadow so my advice is to not even attempt it.***


2 thoughts on “Yancey’s Dating Requirements

  1. What are we going to do with you? I guess your list isn’t as bad as others. You strike me as the “I’m every Woman” or “Independent Women” type so I’m shocked that you want all your meals paid for.

  2. Lol at “want all my meals paid for.” It’s moreso the principle…I don’t care if it’s a $1 fry or a $30 steak; a free ice cream social or $100 Broadway show tickets, the man should take the initiative and properly execute it. And I’m surprised you view me as “Independant Woman” type when I’m definitely a subscriber of traditional gender roles…the man sets the tone/flow/”rules” and has established himself as trustworthy so the woman is able to follow him (be subservient) with little/no reservations.

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