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          This week has been a bit emotionally draining for me.  A lot of things in my environment, as well as within a couple of my personal relationships, has placed my psyche in a place of intense reflection and inquisition.  To be short, I’m a bit overwhelmed right now and am just trying to get a grasp on it all-God’s got a message for me and I have got to listen.  As Lauryn Hill said, “Every time I get in a position where I feel complacent or smug, God puts me in a situation where I have to struggle.” 


            With that being said, I will leave you with one photograph that inspires me, pushes me and leaves me in awe like NO other.  It captures all of my hopes and dreams and always leaves me with a smile on my face.  The image above is of Karl Lagerfeld’s personal library.  It is my prayer and vision that one day I will be married with children and in my home my family will have a library of epic proportions that will contain any book we fancy-we will congregate there on random weekend afternoons and weekday evenings after dinner to share our thoughts, read our favorite books, jot down our thoughts and overall connect with each other.  Did I just describe my definition of happiness aaand success?!  I believe I did 🙂

***Every day can’t be an “on” day.  I’ll be back to my Yancey-self by Friday folks***


5 thoughts on “[Untitled] 1

  1. AMEN! They say, a picture can say 1000 words…(or something like that…LOL) Anyways, that’s dope that you found a picture that motivates you, AND describes your vision of success! DOPE!

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