Miguel, Sincerely “All I Want Is You” lol


               When I was in DC a few weeks ago for Howard’s Homecoming all I listened to (musically) was the radio.  Back at home in Ohio, I hadn’t listened to the radio in weeks (possibly months) because I hadn’t been feeling music at the time.  I was over it.  So while rollin’ in my Monte Carlo, I’ve been playing my CDs, which features artists from Jay Z, Drake, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, The Fugee’s, et al.  The only time I ever hear newer music is when I’m in the company of my beau and even then, it’s random songs on mixtapes and albums that won’t be on the radio for a few more months anyway.  So it was in DC that I finally heard the highly popular “Deuces (Remix),” “No Hands” and my current musical obsession, “All I Want Is You,” by Miguel feat. J. Cole. 

                My favorite musical genre by far is the smooth, earthy sounds of neo-soul.  To me it sounds so effortless, free and honest-like a cool breeze on a warm spring day when the sun is out shining and you’re just enjoying the day.  Neo-soul also reminds me of the East coast, another one of my loves.  When I listen to “All I Want Is You,” all of those feelings come to life.  The only other artist I can think of that has recently invoked these same feelings is Dwele-I’m such a fan.  Dwele and Miguel’s music makes me feel as though I’ve been transported to NYC, by way of Harlem or Brooklyn.  I’m walking down the street, people watching and scoping the scene, with my big hair blowing in the wind as I secure my scarf a bit tighter around my neck.  Miguel’s debut album, “All I Want Is You,” drops November 30th.  I can’t wait to purchase it.  

Sigh, I really wish yall were feelin me right now…but you’re not unless you have that love for NYC like I do.  Like I keep telling myself, summer 2011 you’re only a few days away 🙂


3 thoughts on “Miguel, Sincerely “All I Want Is You” lol

  1. LOL! Yancey, I def. feel you! I have many songs that brings me to my East coast feel. Being that a lot of my childhood was spent over on the east coast, I always throw in songs that reminds me of such. Plus, living in New York is a dream of mine! So, I always play certain songs, and picture myself walking the streets of NYC! haha! I can relate!

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