New Year’s Resolutions Should Be Abolished

               I remember from a young age thinking that New Year’s resolutions were some bull.  I would hear adults make all these goals for the upcoming year and to this day, I’ve NEVER seen anyone complete a New Year’s resolution.  I myself have been guilty of this.  When I’d reached a certain age, the afternoon of  New Year’s Eve I’d begin thinking about things that needed to change going into the new year.  Would this be the year that my room always stayed clean?  Would I turn in all homework assignments on time?  Would I actually write in my journal for the next 365 days?  I failed every single time.  No resolution has ever lasted beyond the month of January.

                Within the past few weeks, I’ve been aggressively pursuing my goals.  Whereas before I was passively keeping them in my rearview mirror and would occasionally glance back to check that they were still there, I have now written them down on my immediate To Do List and have been eyeing them down.  There really is no time like the present. 

                This leads me to the wackness that is New Year’s resolutions-why put off to tomorrow what can be achieved today?  Why set some random deadline that is a few weeks away when you could begin pursuing that goal or dream now?  I understand the symbolism in starting fresh and from scratch on January 1, 2011.  It’s the first day of a new year.  But on the other hand, you are pissing on the last few opportunities and possibilities that 2010 has for you.  Surely God didn’t intend for you to waste your very precious and limited time waiting on a date in the future that has not been promised to you!  Let’s be honest-there’s no guarantee that come January 1, 2011 you will be here to see it.

                I know for myself, there have been two major things that I’ve put on the front lines of my personal battlefield-waiting an extra 2 months until January to incite change seemed so backwards to me.  I am more than capable of making those moves happen now.  My immediate personal goals and dreams have been my FICO score/bills and this blog. 

               Recently it came to my attention that my FICO score is a HOT MESS!  I was incredibly shocked and embarrassed when I learned of it earlier this month.  There were a few bills I had forgotten about but they did NOT forget about me.  I immediately contacted the creditors to arrange a repayment plan and as a result, I will have the biggest bill paid off by December 31, 2010 and the second one paid off by the end of January.  By summer’s end 2011 I will be back to having good credit.  Now imagine I had waited until January 1, 2011 to begin dealing with this issue-I would have been unable to look forward to a nice credit score until roughly this exact time next year!  Insanity!

               My second issue that I’ve confronted head on is my writing.  Myself and my writing has been a personal demon of mine that I’ve been battling since my junior year of college.  My junior year I recognized that while I had a passion for writing, I despised a degree in journalism.  At the time, the only way I knew to express my writing was through traditional journalism outlets(writing articles in AP format, submitting them to newspapers and magazines relentlessly and praying that somebody would publish them and I possibly get paid for it all) and since that wasn’t appealing to me I let my dream die.  Wow.  I let my dream die.  Smh.  (Woah, that is the first time I have admitted that….I need a moment lol).  Sigh.  My family and my closest friends who knew of that passion refused to let me forget it existed-my stepmother would always ask me about it, my older cousin would constantly encourage me to begin a blog and family and friends would always make references to how they loved my writing and missed reading my stuff.  I’d let it go in one ear and out the other and try to ignore them.  Finally, this fall I faced my fears, let go of all my excuses and I am now writing.  I am writing.  And my, does it feel AMAZING.  God is good!

               So while my focus has been on my FICO score and my writing, I am so thankful that I chose to seize the day, strike out on my own and make the most of the opportunities that I have been given.  Waiting on January 1, 2011 to begin my journey of self-improvement was detrimental because it represents time wasted.  Don’t you be one of the people waiting on the New Year to decide to make a change.  The time is now.  Let go of your excuses and fears and make stuff happen!  As a friend of mine once said to me and I now encourage all of you to ask of yourselves, “What have you done today to get yourself one step closer to your dreams?”


7 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions Should Be Abolished

  1. I feel you. But when you talk resolution there more like goals. And some people like to go with tradition. But it isn’t no different from doing it on any other day. Its just that “New Year, New Me” complex

  2. Ashley, I agree with you! Resolutions are so yesterday….the older I get, the more I strive to be a better me each day–not just each January 1st. Kudos to you for planning ahead. The “New Year’s Resolutions” are soooooo over-rated.

  3. “you are pissing on the last few opportunities and possibilities that 2010 has for you”—Vicious

    That makes sense I’ve been trying to grab on to things day by day as well. I still do have a new years resolution and thats to go out on a whim. To take a chance doing something. Everything I do is so thought out and well planned. So next year I’ll try to be spontaneous as wacktackular as you think that is lol.

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