What Is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?


Summer 2009 with my nephew 🙂

               Sometimes when I’m hanging out with my 3yr old nephew something unfortunate may happen-I may have said something I wish he wouldn’t have heard, I may have done something I wish he hadn’t seen, or maybe I wish I would have disciplined him in a different way than I did.  After the mishap happens, I wonder, “Ten years from now will he remember that?”  I generally assume that he won’t.  Who really retains memories from when they’re two and three years old? 

            I do.  My earliest memory is from my first birthday party.  In first grade, my mother and I were looking through old photographs and we stumbled across photos from my first birthday party.  I was sitting on her lap and we were opening my gifts.  After reflecting on the photo, suddenly my memory was jarred…

            It was a hot, summer day.  My party was held outside in my family’s backyard in June and everything seemed so chaotic.  People were everywhere, it was really loud, and all I wanted was to play in the kiddie pool out back and rest in my mothers arms afterwards.  Unfortunately that was not on the agenda.  After playing in the pool I was whisked away to the middle of the crowd that was assembling and it was there that I sat on my mother’s lap as she opened my gifts. 

               I remember not understanding what was going on and looking curiously at an awkwardly shaped, hard, black thing.  My mom was talking in her baby voice to me so while I was uncomfortable with all that was going on I went with the flow.  Now that I’m older and have looked at pictures, that hard, black thing was a child’s piggy bank in the shape of a plastic, oversized combination Master lock.  I have no idea who gave me that as a one-year old birthday gift, but thanks.  I’m sure I had lots of fun playing with it. *side eye*

               My next memory was a few months after my second birthday.  My younger brother Ty was a newborn and I was so eager to hold the new baby.  After bugging my mother relentlessly, finally she let me hold him.  I was so excited.  She swaddled him up very tightly and after I sat back in our big, leather couch with my arms cradled just so, my mother laid him there in my arms.  I felt like such a big girl for holding the new tiny baby and not hurting him.  I felt like I had proven myself and my mother trusted me.  It was a very proud moment for me.

  • Do you all ever think about that?  What is your earliest memory?  Prayerfully it is a good one.

7 thoughts on “What Is Your Earliest Childhood Memory?

  1. my first childhood memory is riding with my father on the back of his bike in this baby seat that was attached. i remember us riding to the store up on salem (now AM/PM). i dont really remember many other details but i was about 2 or 3 years old at the time. i can actually still see it clear, just like it was yesterday (about 26-27 years removed … LOL). i remember having fun riding and watching everything around me, the cars and other people. surpisingly, i dont ever really remember feeling scared at all.

  2. My earliest childhood memory would have to be me coming in to my gift of art. Just remembering people reactions to my little doodles encouraged me to continue down that path.I started drawing airplanes at 2-3 that looked like this +.Ever since then, my mother would tell anybody who would listen about this unique gift her son had. I dont think “it” hit me until the 1st grade when I drew and colored a picture of Martin Luther King Jrs funeral from a Ebony magazine (I think). The way my teacher reacted changed my life. Its amazing how they saw something in me before I did.How could they tell…how did they know.??? 20 some odd years later..here i go

  3. Cousins y’all know I got stories for days. I think I should be in the Guiness Book of World Records…I swear I remember every day of my life! But I really enjoyed hearing about your birthday party, the bike ride and art 🙂

  4. My earliest childhood memory is not the best, it was when I was 3 years old and my family was at my grandfather’s (PawPaw) house just after his death. I recall my mother holding me in her arms (so I wouldn’t run around perhaps?) and me being semi eye-level with the mantel. PawPaw and I ate raisins together and to this day, the smell of raisins bring me back to this image of the mantel. As a part of a subconscious childhood grieving process, I gave up eating raisins until maybe 2-3 years ago. Weird the things we remember. My next childhood memory was 1.5 years later when my baby brother was born – I remember not liking that little sucker. LOL.

  5. Aww Simon’e you were one of the kids on those seats! They always seemed so high, unsafe and wobbly…good thing you weren’t scared! Lol. And Van that is amazing! And how is your art going these days anyway? And Shelby…you and your memories/stories, smh. Enough said. And Katelyn, that’s so sad…your first memory is similar to my mom’s. Her father died when she was 4 and she just remembers mourning and people feeling bad for her. And you didnt like your bro? I thought mine was a new little toy I had to be VERY careful with! lol

  6. I feel you! He just might remember…lol. It’s not my earliest, but it is one of my most memorable moment! My uncle was like a boot camp instructer, lol! We were in New Jersey, and it was the biggest blizzard I had ever seen in my life. My uncle could not go a day without reading the daily newspaper. This man told my brother, cousin, and myself, to put on our coats. I’m like, “uhhhh… ok.” He said we are walking to Kmart, which was across the field. Yancey, when we walked outside, the snow was up to my waist! I was no older than five, or six! We walked across that field, in that blizzard!!! 0_O We got to the store, and in rewards, he got us some candy. I guess that showed me, that anything is possible! lol! Seriously speaking, every since then, I felt like I can conquer the world. It also taught me that, to get something you want, you have to do the unthinkable… I for sure wanted some candy. Nobody died in that blizzard. We made it back to the apartment safely… lol! But yeah, your nephew will remember. LOL!

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