Henna Help!

I can't find natural, powder-form, red henna anywhere!

                If you’ve happened to browse over to my “Daily Blog Reading List” it is there my obsession with my natural-hair reveals a bit of itself.  The Moptop Maven and Curly Nikki are two of my favorite blogs ever and both are dedicated to natural hair and accompanying lifestyles.  Over at Curly Nikki, I’ve seen quite a few references to red Henna being used to soften, condition and overall improve the health and appearance of natural curls. http://www.curlynikki.com/search/label/Henna

            At first I was a bit confused.  All I’d known of henna was that Indians (from the country of India, not Native Americans that are found in the USA) used it to create temporary tattoos on their skin (I hope that wasn’t an ignorant statement-if I offended anyone, my apologies).  According to Curly Nikki, using henna on natural hair has the ability to drastically change your hair’s appearance.  Aside from the obvious auburn-tint that your hair will take on (she compared it to having a black piece of construction paper and writing on it with a red crayon-hot look, right!?), Nikki’s hair took on the appearance of “baby doll” hair. 

            After seeing the above picture, I am now bent on achieving this look on my own hair.  In 1 ½ weeks I will be celebrating my one-year anniversary of having natural hair; I would love to celebrate by getting this henna treatment done to my hair.  Unfortunately I’ve been running into obstacles trying to find the “right” type of henna.  I’ve visited two health food stores and one had no idea what I was talking about, the other had a vague idea, but definitely had no henna, powder-form, in stock.

            I’m starting to feel exasperated and frustrated now.  Where in the heck can I find the “right” henna?  And how will I know the “right” liquid to mix with the powder?  And how long do the henna results last?  How long/often should I be using henna in my hair?  Ugh, now do you understand why I feel so helpless?  Come on people, I need some help.  Any advice, tips or tried-and-true remedies?  Henna help please!


4 thoughts on “Henna Help!

  1. If you know any East Africans this could help tremendously. My mother in law uses it all the time and I think she gets it from an East African store in Columbus, OH. Maybe try to find some East African shops online. I am not sure how they mix it, but I usually see the mixture after my mom in law has made it. After she applies it, her hair is a pretty auburn red color. Hope this helps a little.

  2. Thank you so much Tanice! There’s an African store nearby I’m gonna hit up after work. I’m not sure which region of Africa they’re from, but when I needed 100% shea butter a few months back they had it. Prayerfully, they will not only know what I’m referring to, but will have it in stock and will be able to answer some of my questions 🙂

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