All I Want For Christmas Is…


          YOU!  And you…and you and you!  Lol and after all that, I want the Kindle, Amazon’s e-reader!  It’s no secret that I love to read.  From the time I was introduced to books, I’ve been known to always tuck a book into the corner of an overnight bag to a friend’s, tuck it in a corner of the car for road trips…as I got older books began getting tucked into my purse when going out for social gatherings (yes, I believed that if the conversation was lagging, I could excuse myself to a nondescript corner and read away to my heart’s content) and hours would be spent reading when I should’ve been doing homework, working, etc.

            With all of this reading on the fly, sometimes it became quite tedious to tuck my books away without being noticed.  If I was reading a 500-pager for example, that is an awkward beast to be responsible for.  It’s oddly shaped, not the lightest and being honest, I’d probably only be able to read a measly 10-pages of it at a time before having to hurriedly tuck it away, thereby losing my place.  Frustrating!

            With the Kindle being thin, sleek and weighing in at just over 10 ounces, it is PERFECT for all of my reading needs!  Word is out that this is the #1 item on my Christmas list and moves are being made to get it.  I’m so excited.  

          And a random thought, is it just me that finds it odd that the older one gets, the smaller our Christmas List becomes?

*Sidenote: I know my posts have lacked a bit in substance the past few days…I’m gonna get it together for yall.  I’m pushing for tomorrow 🙂  I’ve just got a lot going on up there (in my head) these days.


4 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. Ashley,

    Love the blog!!! I cant believe you have a blog and didnt tell me….glad I lurk on Shelby’s blog and found it….. but its ok…:)

    Your blog is wonderful and so are you

    Love you much niece
    Aunt Renee
    will be lurking – sometimes blogin”

  2. Really, cous. As a fellow mass-reader (lol) I’ve been so in the middle about these – I feel like I would miss hearing the pages of books. I love flipping through pages of a magazine, a book, and the newspaper. Don’t you think you will miss it?

  3. I feel the same Shelby. I want one but Im not sure if I would get good use out of it. There is just something about a hardcover book. Maybe I will get the kindle to use just when traveling or in situations where bringing my hardcover book along would be inconvenient.

  4. Aunt Reneeeeeee! Haaaayyy! Lol no worries, I actually haven’t made a big announcement about it because I talk about some really personal things in my life sometimes that I may not always be ready for the fam as a whole to be aware of (I don’t need them to start asking bf/marriage/kid questions, feel me?)…but since you and I already talk about these things, regardless of the existence of a blog, I don’t mind 🙂 Thanks for the support and I can’t WAIT to see you in two weeks! xoxoxo love you.

    I do think about the flipping pages thing and the smell of the paper couso…I think the Kindle would be something more out of convenience than anything. Those random flights to DC and NYC 😉 or when I’m trying to read myself to sleep and balancing a 700-pg book (Twilight book) isn’t working, etc. So I intend to use it how Angie just described. Glad you feel me on that Angie!

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