It’s A Celebration!

          Today I’m celebrating my first year of natural hair!  Woot woot!  Yesterday was my 365th day which means today I have officially embarked on my second year.  I never thought I would really see this day if I’m honest with myself.  So many times over the past year (and a day) I would long for my flat, straightened locks on those numerous days when my curls would be tangled beyond recognition, frizzed beyond belief and overall overwhelming me.  Follow me as I take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on the past year of my natural hair transition.

About a month before my final was right past my shoulders. I had ZERO intentions of being natural.

At this point I was about 75% set on being natural (it’d been 3+ months since my last relaxer), but knew I’d need to cut off majority of my length…here my hair is nearly armpit length.
In mid-April I chopped 6+ inches off…the shortest my hair has ever been. It was SCARY but I knew I had to do it.

Another view of my haircut...the back is all natural, and the front holds majority of my relaxed hair. I now was committed to natural hair.

A basic “wash and go” got old quick so by June 2010 I was experimenting with little braids to a basic style.

By summer's end it was still awkward...the relaxed hair def was/is a challenge.

Beginning of fall I did a length check...I was coming along!

About a month later I tried the bantu knot out…while I loved the results, it took too much time! I hate spending time on my hair.

Later that fall I tried a braided headband...I was getting bored with my basic "wash and go" again...around this time I began experimenting with frohawks as well.

I straightened my hair for family hadn't seen my straight hair in FOREVER and boy were they surprised!

My 365th day of natural hair...I went with something so different and daring, but it worked!

Me today! I'm embarking on year 2 and am confident that natural hair is the right thing for me 🙂


5 thoughts on “It’s A Celebration!

  1. Congratulations on sucessfully completing your first year chemical free! Those first 365 days are challenging as all get out but so worth it. Your hair today is just damn fabulous! Its ultra edgy and you can still wear it straight if you want to! Loves it!

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