Natural Hair Questions and Woes?

This is what I DREAM of my hair looking like in another 2 years or so...STUNNING!

          Recently, I’ve been getting tons of questions relating to natural hair.  That is so touching and inspiring to me because up to this point I’ve considered myself pretty ignorant.  I’m constantly perusing and to get tips, facts and treatment options for my 3C hair.  With my basic wash n’ go being my primary hairstyle, I don’t have much experience in the realm of twist-outs, bantu knots, braids, etc.  After writing yesterday’s post however it has come to my attention that throughout this past year, I’ve retained quite a bit more than I had realized.  I say all of that to say continue to ask me those questions and voice those concerns you have with natural hair because 1) I am listening to you and 2) if I don’t have the answer, I know where to get it.  Happy styling my lady loves 🙂


4 thoughts on “Natural Hair Questions and Woes?

  1. What products are you using?

    FYI: Just in case you didnt know: Miss Jessie’s products are buy one get one free on the website right now. This special only happens once a year and its the only time I would ever consider buying because the price point is really high for their hair products!

  2. Thanks for the tip Angie! And I’m so all over the place with products…I currently don’t have any staples-I’m going through that thing where you want to try as much of everything that you can possibly get your hands on! Below are the items that I’ve tried and do like:

    -aPHogee keratin protein packet thing (this is supposed to get my hair’s protein and pH levels balanced…I just like how strong my hair feels after using a treatment. I do it 1x every month or so…)
    -Hello Hydration Herbal Essences conditioner
    -Herbal Essences 3-minute Miracle conditioner (it does the work of a deep, intense “Cholesterol” conditioner in 5 min in your shower’s steam)
    -Herbal Essences curly shampoo (purple bottle)
    -Cantu leave-in conditioner (doesn’t have as much “slip” for detangling but there’s no denying that it makes my hair feel AMAZING on day 2 and 3)
    -Paul Mitchell shine serum (it’s supposed to be used to help make hair shiny and free when straightening but I use it to make my hair shiny, super soft and easy to manage/comb through/manipulate)
    -Jojoba oil, 100% (I bought it from a health store and it came in a little spray bottle so I use it in place of my Paul Mitchell stuff sometimes)
    -EcoStyler gel (who DOESN’T use/try/swear by this stuff?! Unfortunately I bought the brown one…I’ve gotta go get the olive oil/green one)
    -This special curl stuff my big couso Mia got me from NYC…it’s AMAZING but hella pricey…I’ll get the name and get back to you on that.

    And I’ve tried Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk and while it defined my curls and had them looking juicy, it’s still too oily for my personal taste…I don’t like oily/greasy feeling stuff

    Next up on my list to try is Miss Jessie’s stuff and KinkyCurly…I heard KinkyCurly is sold in Target now so I’ll be hitting up their custard and of course EVERYONE swears by Miss Jessie’s curly pudding so I’ll be on that soon as well.

  3. Oooh I forgot about Aphoghee. I used to love that treatment! Im going to try it now that Im natural.

    I have some kinky curly that you can try if you dont want to commit to the whole $30 just yet. I get the same results with my $4 ecostyler jail as I do my $30 kinky curly. I am going to try it again but its just sitting on the shelf for now so you can try it out if you want!

    I love the cantu leave in. I am also on this morrocan argan oil.

    I have the curly pudding which I did not like, I think Alissa may have borrowed it. You can try that next as well. We got to have a natural hair network because all of us going broke trying out different products that may or may not work is just nuts.

    Im all over the place with products. I would hate to see how much I have spent on all this stuff over the past year!!!!

  4. hahaha! I hear you! And you already know I’m down to try your stuff! I’ll be in touch sooner than later (I always say that but I mean it for real…I love you like the big sis I never had, true story)

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