“I’m Not Always There When You Call, But I’m Always On Time…”

Veronika and I with our other best friend, Ashley. The three of us call ourselves AVA. There'll be a post about Ashley and I in a few 🙂

            “I’m coming up there tonight at 9pm as soon as I get off work.  I don’t care what you say.  Will you be off by then?” said Veronika this past Monday morning (December 13, 2010).

            I had just finished updating my best friend on the last week and a half/two weeks of my life.  Long story short, there’s just been too much going on and while I’ve been dealing with stuff largely on my own, I couldn’t bring myself to share it with her up to that point.  Heck, I hadn’t shared things with Shelby until only the day before.  One could say I’d been avoiding those two women-all it would’ve taken was one phone call for them to hear that something wasn’t quite 100% with me, my voice would crack and everything would come tumbling down.  I wasn’t ready for all that. 

lmbo @ Ash strolling in the background...we all hung so tough in undergrad and have managed to hold on to those ties in post-grad life

            But alas, now Veronika knew.  While I told her not to come, because truly I believed I was fine (and as of the past couple days I had been doing okay) I couldn’t help myself from excitedly thinking about the evening to come.  I had a little shin dig to attend around 6:30pm but as soon as that was over I was planning the things Veronika and myself would find ourselves in, the things we would do and overall just enjoy each other’s company (oh my goodness, does that NOT sound like Oprah and Gayle?! Lol).

            Finally my meeting was over and as I pulled up to my house I saw that Veronika had just gotten there.  I had NO time to clean things up like I had planned but that was ok.  Veronika was fine by sitting there while I cleaned, careful not to discuss the issues I’d been dealing with (I HATE talking about lots of drama/rough things I might be dealing with-Veronika knew she was there to distract me).  We watched Intervention, followed by Hoarders, talked about our future plans, memories, our New Year’s plans and overall just bonded as very best friends do.  As I drifted off to sleep she disappeared downstairs and I heard her and my mother catching up about life and who knows what else.

            When morning arrived I found Veronika passed out in my little sister’s bed.  She had brought some laundry and I heard my mother as she transferred Veronika’s clothes from the washer to the dryer.  After waking Veronika up we got dressed, watched Bernie Mac and visited First Watch for breakfast before perusing Ulta’s aisles looking for blush (me) and beauty randomness (Veronika).

            As I hugged her goodbye so she could head back to Cincinnati to finish studying for her grad school final today at 6:30 I had to hold back my tears.  My best friend was leaving me.  While we only live 40 minutes away, she’s no longer only a bedroom away like she was only 13months ago when we shared an apartment in Centerville.  When I get off work tonight I will not be going home to talk to her about my day, hear the details on how she couldn’t understand her foreign teacher’s English while trying to take her exam or plan what we’re going to eat for dinner.  When I want to paint my nails right before I go to bed, I won’t be able to raid her incredible stash of OPI nail polishes to find that perfect shade of pink that she carefully researched before she purchased it.  And lastly, tomorrow morning when I’m hurriedly applying my makeup I won’t be able to dig into her makeup bag to use her blush, nor will she be able to go through mine until she finds my mascara.  Sigh, I miss her.  I miss my best friend.


4 thoughts on ““I’m Not Always There When You Call, But I’m Always On Time…”

  1. AWWWW!!! BFF!! Love you!!!!
    LOLz I think its hillarious that you just broke down the last 18hrs we had to your readers… lolz Who would have thought that’d be interesting?? Well, maybe its just you and me, lol but that’s all that counts!!
    How cute is this?!

  2. I’m soooo happy that you have introduced “V” to the family! I really hope to see her during the Christmas holidays! Y’alls friendship is absolutely amazing and I love her addition to the fmaily debates! THUMBS UP FOR VERONIKA! Real talk.

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