I’m Torn!

New Year's Eve Celebration in Times Square, NYC

          If you’ve been reading any part of this blog I believe it’s quite clear what I’m about-chasing my dreams and overall attempting to be true to myself, no compromises.  Because I am not perfect I fall short of this goal more often than I’d like to admit but nevertheless I continue pushing. 

            Two of my biggest passions in this world have revealed themselves to me in unique ways during 2010.  The first being my writing, the second being New York City.  And with New Year’s coming up, I would love nothing more than to be in NYC, watching that big ball drop in Times Square and be with my girl Ashley, surrounded by the love that only true friendship brings.

            The other day, she and I talked.  Ashley and I hadn’t talked in at least a month or two.  So we had a talk, where we caught each other up as much as we could in a one-hour phone conversation but ultimately it left me missing her SO much.  Like SO much.  Out of all my friends she’s the most open-minded, non-judgmental, non-critical and how necessary that is to have.  Like how refreshing!  And since I haven’t seen her since she left the Midwest a few months back in August, we are LONG overdue for some face time. 

            I really want to be in NYC for New Year’s, spend time with Ashley and get out of the Midwest for a few but there’s two things: 1) Ashley’s man-friend may still be in town and 2) I will be fired from my second job if I go.  I’ve decided that if her man-friend is no longer in town I will go on the trip and quit/get fired.  Some may call it stupid and absurd, but when one is chasing dreams and following their heart with what makes them happy, when are one’s actions really rational to outsiders?  I’ve been called “crazy” before 🙂  Besides, the other day when asked of my NYE plans and upon hearing my response of “I dunno…” my cousin’s responded, “Dang Mina!  We just knew you’d be in NYC or something.”


4 thoughts on “I’m Torn!

  1. have fun 😦 Miss u too Ash Bash! but if I go, I’ll get fired from my only job 😦 I’mma hang on until I get my educational reimbursement 😉

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