Hope Your Christmas Was Fabulous!

            Hola my loves!  And Merry Belated Christmas!  I’ve been gone for a quick, little minute.  I extend my most sincere apologies.  Personally, my life’s been in some shambles (not literally, but ehh…just toying with some things right now so I turned EVERYTHING off for awhile-this blog is the only thing I will remain connected to) so a break was SO necessary.

            Christmas for me this year was okay.  I awoke Christmas day with an attitude-my family had opened ALL of their Christmas presents without waking me up.  I was PISSED!  As a result I spent the day crocheting away to my heart’s content and watching the “Girlfriends” marathon that was on all day.  An hour or so into it I quit being angry and by the day’s end I was actually quite happy.  A good book or a great crochet pattern to try out will always put me in a good mood.

            This Christmas was BY FAR my favorite when it came to gift-giving.  I believe that when giving gifts, I do my best to make sure I give something that I wouldn’t mind owning myself.  By maintaining this mentality, I hooked my father, stepmother, sisters and lil bro all up with new shoes-all shoes I wouldn’t mind rocking myself (well except for my youngest sister-I’ve never liked Uggs).  My older bro and sis (in-law) got new winter hats and scarfs (some of it’s cashmere)-it’s hot stuff!  My mother received a new stereo and a few other smaller things and my youngest siblings also received new coats and clothes.

            It wasn’t until the day after Christmas that I actually opened my Christmas presents (remember what happened on Christmas Day?  Yes, I can be stubborn).  I received some amazing things (new luggage, a new pink Chi flatiron, shoes and clothes) but my favorite this year…my e-reader!!!!!  Whoop whoop!!!!!

            Since this blog is all about honesty, let me keep it real for a second.  When I first opened it I was slightly disappointed.  A Sony e-reader?  All I wanted was a Kindle.  A Kindle is ALL I talked about, all I wanted and now I had this unfamiliar product manufactured by Sony.  But after I opened it and it was resting in my hand I fell IN LOVE!  It is tiny (half the size of the Kindle), can fit in my clutches and is lighter than the Kindle.  I am so in love with it’s appearance I actually began thanking God for my parents wisdom in picking this one instead of the Kindle.

            Overall this Christmas was actually a good one, now that I’m taking a moment to reflect on it and the blessings I gave, received and partook in.  How did Christmas treat you this year?  Were you able to MAKE someone else’s Christmas by providing a gift or service that was needed?  Did you receive that major wishlist item that meant the world to you?  Did you receive any surprises that you didn’t see coming?  Tell me (and my blog readers) about it!  Comment my loves 🙂


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