Reflections :)

I ALWAYS make a pitstop at BBQ's! I had the Texas-sized Blue Bull margarita, pulled pork sandwich, baked potato, cold slaw, chilli and cornbread!

              I’m back folks, I’m back.  To say I had a good weekend would be quite the understatement.  NYC treated me amazingly well!  Despite the multiple visits I’ve already made there, this trip still included a few firsts: a night out partying with my cousin Kenny (and Nelly), a Dominican blowout, a trip to Junior’s for their cheesecake and lastly, no new boo! 

            My cousin Kenny and I have come a LONG way from our younger years.  He’s Shelby’s little brother and although he and I are only 5 months apart, we used to have intense beef growing up.  I was that petty, spoiled, annoying tattle-tale and Kenny was that boisterous, energetic boy’s boy.  If you put us together in a room for any amount of time you ALWAYS got disastrous, catastrophic results.  I used to look forward to tattling on him for minor indiscretions so that he’d get spanked.  Yeah, I was (still am) a trip, smh.

            So anyways, Kenny and I have now grown up, graduated from college and now in our young adult years are legitimate homies.  Every major family gathering we always manage to steal a few private moments from the rest of the family to catch each other up on our lives, plans and random things that we may have seen or overheard.  Because he now lives in Brooklyn, despite having to put in work at the office on Sunday, he got himself together and showed me a GREAT time on Saturday night, by way of the Meatpacking District.  My girl Ashley and his girlfriend Nelly (who is now my girl) were there too and the four of us had a great time.  Because of Kenny’s connections, we had access to a nice spot in the club, drinks were flowing, the techno/pop/hip hop was spinning and the crowd was jumping.  Afterwards we entertained a diner that had an in-house DJ in the middle of the restaurant spinning records.  The patrons began a soul-train line when “Empire State of Mind” came on-they literally danced all around the restaurant screaming, “New York!” at the top of their lungs.  It was crazy!  But I also loved every second of it.  I didn’t make it home until 6:30am!

            Another first of this trip was the phenomenon that is the Dominican blowout.  Nelly gets hers done weekly and when she found out I’d never been we made plans to go to the salon Sunday.   As soon as I walked in my jaw dropped.  The salon operated like an assembly line in a factory.  I immediately stood in line to get my hair washed in the back of the salon.  After getting it washed, I stood in another line waiting for a stylist to become available to roll my hair in plastic rollers.  After that I was whisked away to a hooded dryer and left.  Some time later another stylist came by and began checking to see who’s hair was dry-mine was so she escorted me to her station where she proceeded to use a round bristle brush with a blowdryer on high heat to straighten my hair.  After taking a mere 15 minutes this woman had managed to get my hair straighter than a relaxer/flat iron combination have EVER gotten my hair.  Since then, I’ve gotten hot, sweated a tad and even taken a hot shower and my hairline got a bit damp.  My hair is STILL super straight.  I can’t believe it! 

My roots are CRAZY straight 2 days later!

View from the front...I promise I'm not that pale. It's the harsh, office lighting's fault

            Lastly, after hearing so much about Junior’s cheesecake, Ashley and I headed over to Junior’s in downtown Brooklyn to get a taste.  Because I hadn’t eaten all day we ate dinner before dessert.  While the food left a bit to be desired (poor Ashley had to add all kinds of lemon juice and salt to her shrimp scampi to get it seasoned) the cheesecake is absolutely the best I’ve ever had! *Drake voice* It tasted like I was eating an extremely flavorful, sweet and baked piece of cream cheese lol.  Not literally I guess but I definitely could distinguish the taste of cream cheese-I’ve never been able to do that before when it comes to cheesecake (well except for when I make it homemade cuz I do have some lightweight dessert/baking skills :p lol).  Diddy definitely picked the right spot to have Da Band walk to when it came to picking up some cheesecake!

My slice of Junior's strawberry cheesecake

            And my last first on this trip is that I acquired no new NYC boo!  That is literally unbelievable.  I’ve never visited NYC as a single woman and not returned with a few new prospects of dating material.  Despite having a few men approach, there were none I was really feeling so I left empty-handed.  Man, what is this world coming to!?

            Well there you have it folks!  I couldn’t possibly begin to fill you in on everything without writing a novel.  Those were just a few of the highlights (and a lone lowlight) of my most recent trip to the city I love.


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