I Love Henna and Henna Loves Me!!!

As many of you are aware, I’ve been researching the “henna” process for hair for weeks…heck, months now.  Last night I finally did it and my, what fabulous results I have had!  It took me awhile to finally do it because of a few obstacles:

1)      I had to research the “right” type of henna to purchase (body-art quality) and find it at a good price (mehendi.com)

2)      I got a Dominican blowout and because I had to pay for it, I wasn’t about to go washing my hair anytime soon and ruin the straight hair that I had spent hard-earned money on

3)      Completing the henna process involves a lot of work so I procrastinated a bit

After learning about henna on curlynikki.com and then reading a detailed post on it at moptopmaven.blogspot.com I was ready to start the process.  I ordered 500mg of “Jamila” henna from 2008 at Mehendi.com (my hair only takes about 100mg each time though) and it arrived in less than a week.  Below you will find my photo gallery that outlines my first henna experience 🙂


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