My Dominican Blow-Out is STILL Going Strong!

So over a week ago I let the Dominican’s get ahold of my curly locks and they straightened my hair with ONLY a blowdryer.  My girl Nelly told me the style can be maintained for 2 weeks if it’s taken care of but I wasn’t convinced.  To myself I thought, “Nelly doesn’t understand how hot my showers get, how that steam invades my roots, how my hairline gets soaked, how my hair gets oily from it’s own naturally-produced sebum…”

But I am so happy to report that I am wrong and Nelly is right!  My roots are STILL super straight despite my hot, sweaty showers, my night out dancing in a crowded club and my hairline being drenched from countless face washings.  I can’t believe it.  I honestly don’t understand why a woman would get relaxers if she has regular access to Dominican stylists.

It’s been over a week and my hair that normally gets crazy oily is still flowing and isn’t weighed down with products and oil.  Granted, I’ve tossed a bit of baby powder in it a couple times this past week to help control oil production, but Veronika saw my hair over the weekend and was BLOWN AWAY by how straight, controlled and shiny/healthy my hair looks.  I must admit my hair’s health can largely be attributed to the fact that heat is applied once a month to my hair.  Minimal heat has definitely been the biggest factor to my hair’s health.

Over the next few days I will be attempting my first henna treatment.  I finally got my hands on some Jamila (it’s so expensive…I’m definitely broke these days and am anxiously awaiting pay day so that I can get my savings account back to where it needs to be…splurging on Christmas presents coupled with an impulse New Year’s trip in addition to quitting my second job will take a slight toll on finances lol) so I will definitely be reporting on the results!  I’m definitely excited.


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