At 90 Years Old, What Quality of Life Will You Say You Had?

            At my age many of my under-graduate friends and associates are all on different paths of life.  Some of us are well on our way to making our dreams happen while slaving away at some job we are college-educated for while others are silently meandering along, waiting for something to fall into our laps.  Then you have others who have decided to pursue post-graduate studies and still others who are partying, kicking it and working a random job that has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

            If I had to pick, I’d say I fall somewhere between the first and second option.  My current job I did not go to college for, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment into a solid future.  I am however meandering along, on the lookout for something that truly tickles my Yancey fancy and fulfills me 100%.  During all of this I’ve been careful to invest my time and energy into the things that are most important to me.  Lastly, more than anything else, I’ve also forced myself to be honest with myself-you know, quit living in denial!  Lol, if I decide I don’t like something based on a wack rationale, so be it, but just own it or if I chose to like something that isn’t good for me, quit denying it and just admit it! 

            When looking at the four profiles I described above, I think it’s pretty easy to pass judgment and say that the first and third are the best options and the second and fourth are the worst.  One could look at the second and fourth and decide they’re wasting their lives away, not being serious about anything and ultimately being wack attacks.  You would think, what can really come of working a random job, just meandering along and kicking it all the time?  When you’re 90 years old, how quality-filled was your life, really?

            And when I really think about that, would I be so wrong as to say the random, job-working person who’s kicking it all the time had led a more fulfilled life?  Think about it.  The person that got all of the fancy education, has worked that high-profile job, and held down a nice-looking bank account has probably led a life full of angst, intensity and nerve-wracking goals that society has placed on them.  While that person’s life looks great to everyone looking at it from the outside, internally that person had to bear a VERY heavy cross. 

            The person who lived life according to which direction the wind blew probably didn’t stress about too much, got to do much of what they wanted to do and chose not to subscribe to society’s ideals of what is “supposed” to happen to that college degree that many spend 4+ years pursuing.  On the other hand this person that didn’t get serious about life could harbor deep issues stemming from disappointment in not doing more with their life’s potential, not getting more serious about life and not contributing more to their personal legacy left here on earth. 

            I guess, as with all things in life, it’s never good to be an extremist.  Moderation is key in all that we do.  I’m thinking that the best way to live a quality-filled life is to pursue those things that make us happiest while maintaining some sort of secure livelihood.  Work hard, play equally as hard and keep one’s happiness above all else.


2 thoughts on “At 90 Years Old, What Quality of Life Will You Say You Had?

  1. Happy New Year Ashley,

    I so agree with you -Moderation should be the key in all that we do.

    90 (I am almost half way there LOL..sheesh…) Well if the next half of my life is anything like the first half then at 90 yrs old (God willing) I hope and believe the next half will be more fabulous and quality filled (because it already is). I will be able to sit on the front porch, rock in my rocking chair and l say life was good (heck I do it now)… Why? because I have always tried to have great experiences and have no regrets. I dont live for the day (sometimes I do live for the moment) but I strive for the future…. I used to have the 5 year plan and did that for many years -it was helpful to have a written plan (espcially when I was your age) – where I want to work, what I want to be doing, where I want to be living, where I would like to be finanacially and socially). I’ll tell ya – That road map was a big help……it helped me to dream and also focus on the big picture (while still enjoying life). I may not have done everything on the plan (and didnt beat myslef up for it either) but it keep me on track….You got a 5 year plan?

    Be it if you choose to work in a area that you got your degree in (or not) use your education smartly to find exactly what you like or if your lucky (one day)…LOVE to do. Also remember sometimes doing what you have to do wont always be “fun” or what you really want to do – sometimes its just a job – but that is life. I changed jobs at lot over the years -used to be every 2-3 years ….NEW JOB (in fact my current job is the longest I have ever been at one job 6.5 years) but …when I did change jobs I made sure I ALWAYS made more money at the next job or I didnt bounce ..that was my go/no go marker.
    Dream and FOLLOW your dreams. If your dream is to live in X or Y or do X and Y, do it but have a plan- dont delay cause life moves quick. I am not doing what I went to college for but I used that education and plan to parlay life into what I wanted it to be.

    Kickin’ it is good… I sure did (aint that what you are supposed to do when you are young?) ok well I still do (still young) LOL. You can be that person “slaving for the man” (Hello??? that would be me) or that entrapeneur and still kick it…….either is good if you have balance…its your life and no one else can live your life for you. Its only you who can LET society put the pressure on. Be smart and savy in your life choices. I always wanted to put myself in a position that I could live well (and that is more than just financal although very important – dont get it twisted). Those early smart life decisions now allow me to do all the things I want to do (for real).
    You are young – meander and look for your “Yancey fancy” but remember dont wait to long to “Pass GO and collect $200 dollars” but MORE importantly NOTHING will fullfill you 100% (but God) not a job or money, not a man and not even yourself. 100% is perfection; you are human and will never be perfect (100%) none of us will be. Dont NOT do something because you dont love it 100% -you will miss out on so much of life if you stive only for perfection in anything (Jobs, yourself, relationships etc)…. most times that 10, 20 or 30% that is “missing” forces you find other arena’s to help “complete” a job or experience and that x% missing can often be the building blocks of life that make you grow and allow one to find the Quality of Life balance.

    Love ya Niece
    Aunt Renee

  2. Whew! That was so needed Aunt Renee! Thank you thank you thank you for being so amazing, always being able to put yourself in my shoes (whether that be an 8yr old getting over her parent’s divorce or a 21-year old who’s “almost” graduated college lol) and being someone that I can talk to…I appreciate that. I haven’t forgotten that I still need to call you/catch up on life as it is now and my next moves…because some moves are definitely in store. TTYS love always, Ashley xoxo

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