Yancey, What Do You Do?

            I hear this question quite often to be honest.  Some people know that I work in the “family business,” (whatever that may mean these days) while others are aware I’m a licensed insurance agent.  And then while some know I handle tax-related issues and matters, others have seen me serving in restaurants.  And lastly, a few people who knew me from college are curious about my reading and writing addiction-am I still doing it?  Truth be told, all of the above are correct.  Let me break it down…

            The “family business” (from my specific branch of the family tree) is based in the insurance industry.  A year or so after my parent’s divorced, my father got his insurance licenses and began his own agency with Farmer’s Insurance.  From there the business grew and a few years later he left Farmer’s to begin Insurance Warehouse of Dayton.  Insurance Warehouse is unique in the regard that we don’t represent only one company.  We’re a broker, which means we have contracts with several different companies which gives us more flexibility when it comes to shopping clients around to get them the best, lowest rate possible.  With insurance doing well the office branched out into the realm of tax preparation and within the past year the office began a payroll and bookkeeping service.

            I got my insurance licenses shortly after I graduated undergraduate and am now licensed in property (home/renters), casualty (auto), life and health insurance.  Soon after this I completed the proper training and am now an income-tax preparer.  Most recently, this past fall I got licensed in surety bail bonds and by this April I will be able to begin bailing people out of jail (provided they have their bail money together).

            Despite the above, my primary job duty right now is running AASA Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, the payroll and bookkeeping branch of Insurance Warehouse.  If you are a small business owner, have employees and need to make sure you are paying employer tax contributions to Medicare, Social Security, state unemployment, etc then I will be taking care of you.  I make sure your employees receive physical paychecks and that all of the employer’s federal, state and local tax liabilities are being met in a timely manner.  In addition to this at the end of each quarter and year I am responsible for all of the reports and W2’s that go out.  Regarding the bookkeeping side, I balance the books for Insurance Warehouse as well.

            During the second half of 2010, AASA got to be a bit overwhelming for me at one point so I recognized that I needed to take a break for a minute.  I demoted myself to part-time and found myself back in the serving industry at a restaurant that I began to hate more than I loved.  Serving had been a great hustle for me in undergrad, but now that I’m older it didn’t have the same appeal it once did.  After lasting barely 3 months I submitted written notice that I was leaving.  I’m now back in the office.

           Regarding the reading and writing aspect of things, it’s been a love/hate relationship.  After graduating I hated books and writing because I’d been made to read and write on books and topics that I wasn’t passionate about. As a result it took me some time to come around and find my way back to my first true love.  Fall 2010 I began this blog.  In addition I began buying books again and to put the icing on the cake I received an e-Reader for Christmas!  I’ve begun submitting writing samples and query letters to a few different avenues and I am waiting to hear back from the majority of them as to whether they’ll be interested in having me serve as a regular contributor to their publications.  I’m staying prayerful in this endeavor.

            So that’s what it all boils down to folks!  I remember most recently after attempting to explain to a friend what it is exactly that I do (which is a bit complicated/difficult to explain as you all now understand) he exclaimed, “Wow.  I have a crush on a Vice President.  Of (Marketing) Operations, no less.  That’s dope.”  Lmbo smh.  I think from now on I may just tell peeps, “What do I do?  Go check out my blog.  I wrote about it.”  Lol, nah nah nah.  Jokes folks, jokes!  But now that you all do know about what it is exactly that I do, don’t be afraid to drop by the office, say hi, get an auto insurance quote and/or get your income taxes filed!


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