A friend of mine from college, Antoine, decided over the summer to move to California.  I was shocked.  Everyone was shocked.  I’d never heard him talking about moving out there, he was aggressively pursuing a music career here and had his entire support system/network in Ohio.  It literally made NO sense.

           So Antoine left and since he’s been gone I’ve talked to him maybe a handful of times.  Despite how sporadic our conversations are, we’re cooler than most.  He definitely knows things about me that the average person doesn’t and vice versa.  It’s a unique friendship and works wonderfully for us.  A few days ago I received a message from him urging me to go visit www.LettersToOhio.com, his personal blog he had created.

            I can honestly say the past 20 minutes I spent reading every single post were probably the most productive 20 minutes I have spent today.  Antoine spoke so candidly and honestly about his life, where his head’s at, his true feelings and disappointments.  Several times I found myself wincing at the rawness or my mouth dropping at the honesty.  To say he’s been courageous with it would be quite the understatement. 

            Toine’s been posting on his daily life in California, thus far, and it’s been a far cry from a cake walk.  My favorite are the actual letters that he pens to his readers.  I can say that the only time I’ve been as candidly honest with you all was that heartbreak post I wrote last week.  And honestly I doubt that I’ll ever bare my heart on this blog like that again.  I despise how wide open and vulnerable I felt afterwards.  Antoine does that mess every single day on his blog.  Wow! 

            So long story short, I implore all of you to not only go and visit www.letterstoohio.com but to bookmark it and visit it a couple of times every day (as Antoine does several updates per day).  He touches on a multitude of subjects that all seek to inspire and uplift the reader.  It’s impossible to read it and not take a look in the mirror at your own life and the choices that you make.  Go make it happen folks, right now.  Go visit www.letterstoohio.com


4 thoughts on “www.LettersToOhio.com

  1. Please…if you knew the back story on Antoine and I you would totally get it…matter of fact, Antoine and I in the beginning closely resembles you and I currently 😉

    Like I’ve said and will continue to say, men and women cannot be 100% platonic friends.

  2. Yeah, I went on his blog the other day and saw where someone who reads my blog visited Toine’s and was inspired as well…I’m just glad that Antoine’s efforts aren’t going in vain because I can’t front, I definitely worry about the kid :/

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