Another Yancey Is Chasing Her Dreams!

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         My younger cousin, Briana Dai Yancey, is THEE definition of a dream chaser.  With acting and dancing as her passions and her skill as a makeup artist to propel her, she made a MAJOR move last week and left her home near Dallas, TX and drove to LA to begin the rest of her life.  Wow! 

          I’m asking all of you to keep Briana in your prayers.  She’s pursuing her passions and doing what so many of us are too intimidated to even attempt.  Clap for her!  In addition to this, if you all know of ANY opportunities for her (this chick is multi-talented) drop a line here so they can be passed along to her.


5 thoughts on “Another Yancey Is Chasing Her Dreams!

  1. Aww my family is soooo pretty and talented! Its hard to believe that I havent seen her in person since she was like 3 or 4 years old. Im sure she will do well! Do I sense a supportive family trip to LA coming on COUSINS?! 😉

  2. Awe couso- thank you guys all for the support. I feel so blessed I’ve got an awesome family that believes in what I’m chasing as much as I do. I would loooove for you guys to come out and visit

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