I’ve Got the Spirit…Holy Spirit That Is!!!

Solid Rock Church (with our "King Of King's statue)

            Recently I was reading a blog that I’ve recently become a fan of, http://thiscannotbemylife.wordpress.com/, and one of the posts on there, “I Don’t Want Anything (Not Even Facebook & Twitter) Instead of God…” got me to thinking…a lot.   While reading it I realized how little my own blog focuses on my faith. 

            In my opinion, this is not okay.  It is not okay because in my personal life I believe that God is VERY present yet from reading this blog one would not know that.  Often I find myself having mini conversations with God throughout the day.  When I see/hear bad news my first thought is to God and it’s for Him to, “protect/heal/be with them Father.”  When I’m tweeting and thinking about posting something that may be slightly questionable I think, “Is this something a Christian should be doing?”  And when I’m having a phenomenal hair day (like today lol) I think, “Thank you God for blessing me with this head of hair.”  Seriously.  So in keeping with this message I figured I’d share with you all something I learned in church yesterday. 

            I attend Solid Rock Church (yes, Touchdown-Jesus-that-got-burned-down-off-I75) and have been going semi-faithfully since my first visit when I was 9-years old.  Since then I’ve attempted to finish the membership classes twice (this second time I believe I will finally finish lol).  At Solid Rock Church the pastors are BIG on sharing their personal testimonies and how we can all apply those lessons to our daily lives.  Because of this it is NOT often that I actually learn something brand new at church.  So yesterday when Pastor Darlene Bishop began her message with one about the Holy Spirit, why it’s so important and how to use it, I instantly became excited. 

            Up until yesterday all I knew of the Holy Spirit is that it is a part of the Trinity (God, Son and Holy Spirit) and that some people could get caught up in it (my mother is infamous for it) and start speaking in tongues!  Pastor Darlene taught us to view the Trinity as we would a major corporation with God being the owner, Jesus being the CEO and the Holy Spirit being the chief administrator.  How on Earth can we expect to talk to the CEO without having two words to share with the administrator?!  Hmm…great point!

            Next up Pastor Darlene elaborated on how the Holy Spirit can be used.  She was saying oftentimes we exert so much energy engaging our spirit in fighting the temptations of sin throughout the week.  By the time Sunday rolls around we’ll come into church, dragging our wounded spirits into the pews and pray that God fills us back up so that we can continue the good fight.  “God didn’t intend that for you!  He gave each of us the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside us to fight those battles for us!”  She went on to explain that all we simply have to do is call on that Holy Spirit who is able to relieve that burden we carry.  In need of prayer and don’t know how to ask for help?  Pastor Darlene explained the Holy Spirit is there and will ask God for you, all you have to do is ask. 

            That message was so necessary for me!  I definitely plan on putting the Holy Spirit to work in my life this upcoming week and am so excited to see the results of His work in my life.  I will be calling on the Holy Spirit to fight feelings of depression, complacency and defeat in daily life.  These are the biggest obstacles I’ve been dealing with as of recently. 

            What about you?  What are areas that the Holy Spirit can go to work for on your behalf?  All you have to do is ask!  As Pastor Darlene let all of us know yesterday, the Holy Spirit is alive and well in all of us, all you have to do is ask.  My oh my, our God is so great!  Be blessed today Saints!


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