Followup to Two Weeks Ago…

The smile is sincere, I promise 🙂

            If you read this blog about two weeks ago, I was in a VERY dark place…my heart was broken, I couldn’t pick my head up, I felt helpless and I had temporarily lost sight of Ashley.  To put it shortly, it was a really tough time for me.  Since then all of the feedback, encouragement and talks that so many of my close friends and readers have given me via comments, texts, bbms and emails have done wonders.  All those prayers, thoughts and well wishes did not go in vain.

            At this time I have finally gotten the closure that was lacking back then.  Since then I’ve had a final talk with him on that chapter of our relationship which has helped me immensely when it comes to getting over it and moving along.  As a result of that, and all the support from those around me, I’ve been able to put a genuine smile on my face (no more fake ones) and look forward to a bright future. 

            Regarding my future, I’m still pursuing NYC.  I have to do it.  Summer 2011 is still solid although now Spring 2011 looks even better.  Who knows how it will all work out though.  I have to make sure I take care of home before I can up and leave.  It’s funny because last week I applied to a few Exec Asst positions and received immediate call backs.  I was SHOCKED!  These possible employers were ready for me to interview right then and there.  While I was anticipating a 3-month+ job search, it seems like it will only take a fraction of that. 

            So as I was saying, I have to get my current position covered and in addition to that, I have to secure my bail bond license-it’s up for renewal in March yet I won’t be able to actually use it until April…essentially it’s a complicated process for no reason.  And when I’m honest with myself I don’t feel comfortable being in NYC without that license.  But thanks for reading my random ramblings my loves and have a fabulous day!


2 thoughts on “Followup to Two Weeks Ago…

  1. I like to think about the game of life like a dice game. You don’t always have to roll 7s and 11s to be a winner. You can just go after your point too. But always know that even when you snake eyes and lose all your paper their is always another roll(opportunity) around the corner

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