Who’s Moving Again?

I’m moving folks.  Supposedly this weekend.  But if you look around absolutely NOTHING has been packed.  NOTHING.  I have so many things and am just thinking about how miserable I’m about to be this weekend moving and then later, unpacking.  On top of that, this is a big entertainment weekend for me since a sorority sister of mine is coming in from out of town.  We haven’t all hung out since this summer when we all went on a trip to Las Vegas (to say I had a ball would be quite the understatement) so this weekend is supposed to be EPIC.

Am I the only one like this when it comes to moving?  A lot of times when watching tv and people are moving they prepare for it days and weeks beforehand.  They have neatly organized boxes with labels on the outside that clearly identify which rooms they belong in.  People I actually know prepare for packing in similar ways.  They pack things up and have created logistics for moving day. 

Today is Thursday.  I have zero plans on packing today as my evening is already jampacked.  I guess that leaves Friday?  All day Saturday?  Then Sunday after church to unpack?  All this amidst eventful evening plans with my girls?  Eek!  Pray, please and thanks.


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