One slash Thirty slash Two-Thousand and Eleven

Things I am thankful for 1/30/2011

#1 Spring 2006 Greek life

  • We all kicked it SOOO hard this weekend (us and their neo’s who are equally as fabulous), namely Friday night and Sunday afternoon…these girls mean so MUCH to me.  I miss them already.  They left late this afternoon back to the East Coast.  I’m kinda sad for real 😦

#2 Waking up

  • As much as life is throwing at me right now, I understand that there are people who are 6-ft underground who would love to be facing my life’s challenges right now instead of their (lack of) life as they now know it.

#3 Alone Time in Veronika’s Apartment

  • It inspires me to get back to having my own.

#4 Miguel’s Debut Album, All I Want Is You

  • The album is strongly motivated by love (ugh) but track #1, Sure Thing, keeps you optimistic about it, despite what life may have shown you in an attempt to prove otherwise.

#5 My Mom

  • Once upon a time I thought I would never see/hear from her again and some mornings, like this morning, I wake up thanking God that she is no more than a room/call away from me.  Not too long ago, I truly believed that such a possibility would be nothing short of miraculous, i.e. it wasn’t happening.  Thank God for knowing better than me and working out impossible situations though.  Thank God.

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