Black History Month! Woot Woot!

Thank you!

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month.  In the past I’ve never really thought too much about it-plainly put, I took it for granted.  I ignorantly assumed it’s a given that Black History Month exists, it is just the way things are and that it can’t be taken away.

However this year is different.  I am SO thankful.  SO thankful.  I believe this change-of-heart has come about because of two things only.  The first, being more present on Twitter and second, being more active on

By logging into Twitter more often and reading about the daily occurrences of my followers lives, it has become quite apparent to me how far we still have to go in the realm of race equality and tolerance.  While I personally was naïve when it came to modern-day race relations (I can’t recall any instances where I have felt victimized because of my race), too often I began reading tweets that informed the reader of a racially-discriminatory action that the tweeter experienced.  These tweets have ranged from the obvious “racial profiling” at the hands of police officers to the more obscure racial generalizations and stereotypes that are perpetuated by the hands and mouths of common society. 

When I visit TheFreshXpress, majority of the time the articles educate me on issues within the Black community that I was unaware of.  I personally don’t follow politics closely so the site oftentimes sheds light on racially-questionable practices within government policy.  I also have noticed that I may read an article about a subject matter I’m familiar with, but the comments others post will elaborate on aspects that I had never previously considered as it relates to society’s ignorance or lack of sensitivity on racially-charged topics and/or issues.

As a result of the aforementioned, this year I plan on taking Black History Month more seriously than I have before.  I must REALLY appreciate all that has been accomplished by Blacks for the betterment of America that has know enabled me to enjoy the freedoms I have.  As the theme of my blog states, “Expect nothing and be grateful for everything.”  Furthermore it has also inspired me to take an active interest in other cultures’ plight of equality.  After February I believe I’m going to focus on Mexican history.  It plays a major role in modern-day America (and it’s flat out embarrassing that I’m as ignorant as I am).


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