Is Spring Making An Early Comeback?

If so, I’m READY! *Alicia Keys voice*  This week’s heatwave has got me looking at my closet, anxious to trade out my winter sweaters for some of spring’s lighter, brighter tops.

I noticed last year that I’m starting to become more interested in fashion.  It all began with Shelby-she’d make it her mission to dress me from a distance, mainly NYC since that’s where she lived at the time (heck, she still does dress me from a distance).  My conversation with my personal stylist always went something like this:

Shelby: “What are your plans for the weekend couso?”

Me: “Well I’m not really sure.  I’m supposed to be going out with [insert random guy of the moment] and he mentioned something about some new ethnic restaurant.  We’ll see.”

“Ooh!  Neat couso!  What are you wearing?”

“I don’t really know.  I haven’t even thought about it to be honest…all I know is my hair.  I’m probably wearing it out and pinned up on the sides.”

“Hmm…I see you in some sort of pattern.  Because you said ‘ethnic,’ right?  Yeah, so wear some sort of patterned shirt-use bright colors!  And your skinny jeans would be good too.  Do you have any colored ones?  Your jewelry could be simple and understated.  And then your shoes, you could…”

Yeah, Shelby can talk fashion for days lol.  As a result I began taking a more active interest in it myself.  I love how Shelby will take a trend and make it her own.  By watching her, I taught myself how to dress for me-there are certain styles I favor, certain wardrobe classics that I’ve adopted as staples and I’ve even adopted my personal trademark accessory-pearls and my hair. 

As a result I’ve noticed myself eagerly anticipating new seasons so that I can find the new trends, tweak them so that they carry my own, “Fancy A. Yancey” spin and overall find new ways to rock old looks.  With Spring 2011 only mere weeks away, below are some of the looks I found at Glamour that I hope to adopt into my own wardrobe. 

Michael Kors, Spring 2011

While 70’s inspired a-line coats in bright colors are the trend, I think I’m going to focus on copping a bright, highly-textured coat, sans the 70’s a-line.  I’ve never liked those looks much.

Wes Gordon, Spring 2011

I love military-inspired looks but have yet to try them.  This vest is something I could definitely see myself doing but I’d probably pair it with some skinny jeans.

Derek Lam, Spring 2011

I LOVE that the flare-legged jean is not completely gone (mainly because I’ve not yet thrown mine out from 6+years ago)!  I can’t wait to pull my old styles out and wear them again this season 🙂

Chris Benz, Spring 2011

While I’m not a fan of this look, I do like how heavily patterned it is.  I plan on gravitating towards more floral-patterned tops.  I’ve noticed that too many of my shirts are basic, plain black or white.

Michael Kors, Spring 2011

This style leaves a bit to be desired for me but I’m glad to see that the platform style isn’t going anywhere.  I believe all of us ladies have a few different pairs in our closets.

Phillip Lim, Spring 2011

The sheer style is something I haven’t experimented with too much but I can see myself giving it a try this season.  The layering is a unique idea-I’ll try layering pieces that match a bit more though.

Jenni Kayne, Spring 2011

So rust is the color this season?!  I can dig it!  It works great to set off the skin tone of Black and other ethnic women, go us!  Last year the hot shade was nude and neutrals (which are still popular this season); I see how fashion has darkened that preference a bit 😉

Tommy Hilfiger, Spring 2011 (yes, he's still making clothes lol)

Preppy accessories are a sure thing!  I’m a happy camper since you all know my signature is my pearls that I probably rock 350 of the days in a year lol.

Marc Jacobs, Spring 2011

Big bangles are also a sure thing.  I’m a fan since they coordinate well with natural hair 😉

Jason Wu, Spring 2011

Last but not least, creatively designed pants are coming in.  I’m not sure how I feel about this (aka I don’t like it).  This reminds me of harem pants and I’m just not with it.  Think I’ll stick to cropped, skinny capri’s and my jeans.


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