Introducing Barbara Campbell, a NYC jewelry designer!

            This morning I found an email from the accessories team of Barbara Campbell.  Campbell is a Cuban-American jewelry designer based out of New York City who’s jewelry has been described as “clean and contemporary, architecturally and naturally inspired, and “‘more art than ornamentation.’”  From what I’ve seen thus far, she seems to specialize in a lot of understated, earth-toned, transitional pieces.  You can easily wear her pieces to the workplace aaand to the happy hour/hot spot/boom boom room lol. 

            After browsing her website,, I discovered that she uses only recycled materials, handcrafts her jewelry herself and caters to an urban chic design model that pulls on elements from nature for inspiration.  While her online store isn’t up and running yet, her lookbook has a few pieces that have caught my eye.  As a result, her designs are definitely some that I wouldn’t mind incorporating into my own personal jewelry collection.  If interested in purchasing, all inquiries can be sent to  

Below are just a few of my favorite looks:

It was on Hampton’s beaches while walking along the shoreline that Barbara handcrafted her first piece.  It has now become her signature, the “Lucky Six” necklace.

This “Bella Cross Necklace” is a unique take on a traditional Cross necklace.  I generally am not a fan of Cross necklaces because of that whole “graven images” stipulation in the Bible, but I believe I would feel comfortable wearing this one.  The intention of representation is there without the OBVIOUS imagery.

The “Bella Star Necklace” uses unique thread/wire (can’t really tell what material it is) that picks up light in different ways.  Definitely a statement piece.

The “Black Luna Necklace’s” focus is on that powerful black stone.  I love it for it’s simplicity.

This button necklace struck my fancy because it reminds me of my craft box.  I love arts and crafts so this piece struck a chord within my soul.

A lot of Barbara’s pieces use chain-links which I’m not the biggest fan of- that look is too “hard” for me.  I like these earrings though because the hoop design takes away from the “hardness” of the chains.  An added plus is that because of the chain-links, the hoop isn’t so ordinary 😉

If you know me, you know I’m kind of obsessed with pearls.  I don’t really need to say anything else other than this necklace makes me happy 🙂

In addition to pearls, I love shades of turquoise as well, especially in the summer.  It’s a wonderful pop of color and this necklace nails it perfectly!

The medallions featured on this necklace have the ability to dress up a mundane, boring outfit.  I can picture myself wearing this against a basic white or black tee and skinny jeans.

I love the chunky look of this charm bracelet.  It’s quite a statement piece though so the rest of my outfit would have to be understated.


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