Tangle Teezer Will Save Your Tresses!

            Regarding my daily hair maintenance, I’ve always been a major fan of wash ‘n go’s.  My hair texture works very well with it and it’s low maintenance.  With the freezing temperatures these past few months, I had to change my routine-walking outside with wet hair daily is not a good look.

The yellow brush on the bottom has been ruining my hair, but it's all I've ever known 😦

            I’ve now resorted to detangling my hair when it’s dry, randomly placing 8-12 plaits in my hair, sleeping on it, then taking the plaits down in the morning.  While I LOVE the look of my wavy/chunky, big hair the next morning, there’s no denying I’ve begun to DREAD the detangling process the night before.  I’ve never been the tender-headed type (meaning my scalp is sensitive to tugging and pulling) but my scalp has become sore and strained from the combs and brushes I’ve been using.  I’ve noticed my hair is being pulled out, my ends have started to break and it’s become obvious at this point I’m in the early stages of ruining my hair.  Tear.

Tragic! I've been so frustrated with my hair lately!

I purchased the black one for $9.99

            I’ve been frantically looking for an alternative to my yellow/red rubber Goody brush and I found it while browsing www.CurlyNikki.com’s site.  It was there I first heard of the “Tangle Teezer” at Sally’s.  Women with hair much coarser than mine were raving about how the simple little tool with weak teeth had managed to magically detangle their hair with minimal breakage and effort.  After sitting on this news for a couple of weeks, last night I finally headed to Sally’s and purchased what I believed to be was an overpriced, trendy doo-dad.  Because I was desperate I was willing to try anything. 

The Teezer took just a few strands out of my hair, compared to a massive pile the yellow brush snatches out!

            Much to my chagrin, the reviews of Tangle Teezer were right!  I was horrifically wrong!  Thank God!!!  The Teezer detangled my entire head within 5 minutes-it took my Goody brush 20minutes to do that.  On top of that, the Teezer never snapped or snagged my tresses, pulled out minimal hair and all of the Teezer’s teeth remained intact-none of them broke off in my thick, unruly hair. 

              My mother has very thin, wispy, fine strands that are EXTREMELY tangle prone and the Teezer worked magic on her relaxed strands as well.  She’s now a believer.  I implore ALL ladies, natural and relaxed, to head to Sally’s RIGHT NOW and get a Tangle Teezer.

Take a wild guess as to who's having the best hair day ever today, all thanks to the Tangle Teezer? 😀


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