When Do You Let Him See You In Your Headscarf?

When it comes to the world of dating, the length and overall closeness of the relationship determines which walls will come down and when fronts will be cast aside.  For guys, it may mean that he will let her see him when he needs a haircut.  For ladies it could mean a bunch of things-no makeup, sweaty from a visit to the gym, sweats and a t-shirt instead of her usual nice outfit and heels, etc. 

But what about the Aunt Jemima headscarf?

Ladies, going without the scarf is nothing short of a catastrophe.  That scarf protects our hair from sweat while working out, random dust during cleaning sessions in our homes, and flying mist when we’re in the shower.  Him seeing you in one is going to happen sooner or later. 

But when?  How long do you wait?

I recently had to wear my scarf and he happened to see it.  I was dreading it.  After several months of dating, you’d think I’d have been okay with the prospect, but alas it still made me uncomfortable.  It’s not like he’d never seen me in a compromising position, (beauty) maintenance-wise.  I’ve been seen with little-to-no makeup, (fitted) sweats/t-shirts and unruly hair (nights out on the town) before.  But for me my scarf is the ULTIMATE beauty fail lol.  It had been a nasty, rainy day and my hair was about to poof up-I had to protect it.  Had too!  I was left with no other options, so on came the scarf.  I cringed as I waited on his reaction.

There was none.

I breathed a sigh of relief.  Why did I make such a big deal about it in the first place?  Smh, I felt uber wack.

Do you have any similar instances?  Is this worry reserved only for women?  Are you especially self-conscious about being seen with no makeup?  Holes in your basketball shorts?  Hair not perfectly coiffed/straightened?  Messy apartment?  Chipped nail polish?  Unruly eyebrows?  Hairline not lined up all the way?  And how did he/she react?

I better not be the only one trippin.


4 thoughts on “When Do You Let Him See You In Your Headscarf?

  1. I personally think that a woman look so beautiful when they are at there most natural. To see a girl in her scarf tells u one she is comfortable around u and two that she truly excepts u as some one close to her. Don’t get me wrong getting all dressed up is nice but to see one in there natural beauty is the best. I like the article. And don’t worry I’m sure u looked great

  2. I’m curious, what’s the rule on wearing head scarfs while participating in the “horizontal polka”? Do some women feel it shouldn’t matter or is that a big #fail as well?

    As far as your original post, though, it’s really not a big deal to many guys seeing a woman they’re dating/getting to know in a head scarf. At the end of the day I know what you already look like at your best and as long as I don’t turn into stone when you’re at your worst then I’m cool.

    • The only rules I’m aware of regarding a scarf during the “horizontal polka” as you put it lol is that if she’s rocking a weave, you probably shouldn’t touch/she’s probably gonna wrap it up. I have never worn a sew-in or tracks though, so I have no experience on the maintenance/upkeep/necessity of wrapping it up.

      I only feel the need to wrap my hair when it’s straightened (like the other day when it was raining). When I rocked a relaxer, my hair was CONSTANTLY wrapped up. As a result, other men from my past probably saw my hair wrapped up much earlier. Generally speaking, now that my hair’s curly I RARELY sleep in a satin/silk bonnet so I have no need for wrapping my hair up.

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