You Know What It Is? I’m Getting Old.

Older women have been telling me for years that as you get older, you begin to lose “it.” “It” is your tight skin that is wrinkle-free, muscle definition you don’t have to work for, and a guilt-free diet that you don’t have to watch. I would roll my eyes in annoyance as I scoffed at them. Here they are, borderline obese, thinning hair and wrinkles for days. How on Earth did they EVER use to look like me?

I maintained this haughty attitude up to my twenty-fourth birthday. It was afterwards that things began going downhill for me.

Gray Hairs.

I found a gray hair. It’s in the front of my head. It’s real.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I recognized my gray strand about a month ago. Soon after I began looking at my mouth when I smiled-there are wrinkles there that have never been before. And just this past Friday I was looking at my thighs- you know that fine line that runs up the side of thighs that reflects muscle definition? Yeah, that line has ceased to exist.  There’s no denying it any longer. I am officially getting old.

I promptly ordered a subscription to Self magazine when I noticed that first gray hair. Inside are all sorts of dieting and workout tips to keep your body together. I’ve always been touted for saying that I don’t work out and will never work out. I am here to report that those days are severely numbered indeed. I suspect I’ll be working out regularly by my twenty-fifth birthday. I’m currently looking into getting a membership to our local YMCA.

Regarding my eating habits, that’s another major thing that I will have to change. I’ve NEVER counted calories nor thought twice about the unhealthy eating habits I’ve picked up over the years. That is changing. Right now I’m searching for an easy-to-follow schedule that tells me what I should be eating. You know, “Dinner: 4 oz of baked chicken, 2 cups of steamed veggies, no butter” and so on.

And my last inclination that I’m getting old, I haven’t noticed that familiar feeling of disgust and annoyance when small children are around. Dare I say I smile at them and attempt to engage them in conversation?

The other day when I was finishing up some baby booties for my older cousin’s upcoming baby shower, I got slightly teary –eyed.

I don’t have to ask what’s going on with me because I already know what it is…

I’m getting old.


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