How Do You Deal?

            After perusing through this morning I saw where she had interviewed the original Vivian Banks (Fresh Prince), Janet Hubert.  Janet began talking about her own hair and its varying different textures.  She identified three different textures in her own head.  It made me reflect and think back on a conversation I had with Azure’D, a close sorority sister of mine.  Azure’D described to me, quite some time ago, the different types of styling techniques she had to use on her hair because it all isn’t the same texture.  I was confused by that at the time because to me, all of my hair was pretty much the same-I had relaxed ends, and natural roots. 

Well I’m here to report that at 15-months now in my hair journey I am just now noticing that I myself have three different textures of hair. 

  • The back is very soft and smooth with the most perfect curls ever
  • The middle is an African jungle that is a bit rougher than I am comfortable with
  • The top is a mix of curls and waves…it doesn’t know what it wants to do.

***And another thing.  The hair around my hairline is SUPER soft, fine, delicate and wispy-like.  It’s so different from anything I’ve dealt with before. 

I’m now wondering if there are any creams or certain styles I can implement to change the way the middle of my hair feels?  I want it to be softer to the tough-I don’t want there to be such a sharp contrast from the middle of my hair to the back.  And I’m thinking that for the front, I’m going to have to straighten my hair less (I currently straighten my hair about once a month).

What does the terrain of your natural head look like?  Varying textures?   The same?  And how do you deal?


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