Shhh…I’m writing :)

I'm creating a story 🙂

I’ve been working on a really big project these last few weeks and today it has occupied most of my creative energy.  As a result my blog has suffered.  Aww poo 😦

One thing that I would like to share however is blog that I discovered today.  It actually reminds me a bit of Moptop Maven’s blog but since she’s gotten sick, her blog has been the least of her worries 😦  As a result I’ve been anxiously searching for a natural-hair inspired blog that also covers fashion and other current trends.  While I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on K Is For Kinky I do like what I’ve seen so far.  I definitely encourage you all to go check it out! 

Also, is today’s weather not INCREDIBLE!?  Enjoy it because later this week temperatures will be dropping back to the 40s.


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