I Miss My Relaxer

                Last night I threw some braids in my hair so that I could rock big, extreme hair today.  Unfortunately, this morning when I took my hair out it just laid flat in big waves…try as I might, I was unable to fluff it up and am now stuck rocking a headband and a swept-back bun.  While the laid-down waves overall didn’t look “bad” they also didn’t look the way I pictured it in my head.  It is days like today when…

I miss my relaxer.

                When I was relaxed, I always knew what was coming.  If I had a bad hair day, I knew why-I didn’t wrap my hair the night before or there was too much oil in my hair.  These days, a bad hair day is a variety of things…

  • Too much/not enough water exposure
  • Too much/not enough oil
  • Curls frizzed too much from one day to the next
  • I slept on it the wrong way and now my hair is disfigured
  • The temperature got too hot/cold too fast.

                There’s NO WAY to ensure great hair days all the time.  And for me, someone who places so much confidence in their hair, this has the ability to make or break my day.  Today isn’t the best day because of my bad hair and this in turn creates an “ugly” day.  I am now making plans to hit up Sephora immediately after I get off work.  While I plan on purchasing some nail polish and eyebrow utensils, I’m not above making a detour past the hair store and window shopping down the relaxer aisle…


2 thoughts on “I Miss My Relaxer

  1. I also sometimes miss my relaxer. Buns were my go to style: side bun, high bun, sock bun, etc. I was a little past Apl when I did the big chop back in Feb 2010. Now I’m just waiting for my hair to get back to that length so I can revisit my bun 😦 Then when I think how thick and luscious my buns will be as a natural I no longer miss my relaxed hair!! Lol

    • Aww 😦 What’s your hair length now? I should reach apl by the end of summer…my ultimate goal is bsl-I haven’t been there since my sophomore year of college. I don’t see bsl happening until maybe a year or so from now…spring 2012

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