Sephora (and Simplicity) Saves!

             If you read yesterday’s post, I was in a dark place.  As a result of my hair I was definitely having an “ugly” day.  I felt terrible.  As promised, I hit up Sephora in the hopes that it would give me a brighter outlook.  They didn’t disappoint.

I opted for red in honor of Miami University's Stepshow tonight at 7PM in Oxford

                Who would’ve known that such an ugly feeling day would turn around and have me feeling so fabulous a mere day later?  The biggest thing I noticed when making this turnaround is keeping it simple.  Instead of spending all kinds of time oiling, moisturizing, braiding and tying up my hair, I merely co-washed it and let it go.  And regarding makeup, instead of throwing on shea butter, followed by berry lipstick and then finally topping it with gloss I simply slapped some red lipstick on it and went.

Better view of the lipstick

Simplicity folks…moral of the story.


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