The Time Has Come

                Remember a week or two ago I was talking about how not only am I feeling old, but I also believe the time has come that I must start working out?

My workout routine commences today.

                This past weekend was spent in Oxford, OH and it is there that I fell back in love with the Zeta Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.  While there I had a few heart-to-hearts with some of my sorors and in one of those, my little prodigy, Miss Tatyana, gave me tips on how I can get my legs right.


                Soon after Tat’s (pronounced Tot) recommendation, my SPECial Miss Icee referred me to a supplement that will also get my legs right.


                And after those suggestions, Tat and Icee came together and the two made a final recommendation to tie my new workout regimen together.

Tippies (I think that’s what it called, when you stand on steps on your tip toes?)

Myself in the middle with Tat on the far left and Icee on the far right

                So I will begin my routine today and have been told I will see results within a month. Ultimately I’m doing all of this so I can get that line on the side of my thighs back.  I will let you all know how my workouts go.

Sidenote: The ladies might have mentioned the importance of jogging/running but at this time I won’t be utilizing that resource.  Plainly put, I’m not desperate enough to start sweating (yet).


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