The Evolving Faces of Sacrifice in The Name of Love

                Over the weekend I got to spend a bunch of amazing quality time with members of the Zeta Mu Chapter of my sorority.  The thing I love the most about these relationships I share with these women is that despite our common bond of being members of the same sorority, we rarely discuss sorority stuff.  Our conversations revolve around our personal lives, endeavors, jobs and relationships!

                One conversation that stood out in particular is a conversation I was having with one of my favorite prophytes, Angie (hey boo! xoxo).  There were a few of us discussing relationships and when we asked about her overall outlook on relationships she shared the evolution of her personal non-negotiables in relationships.  “Before I turned 30, there was NO WAY I would have ever considered dating a man who had already been married or had children.  It wasn’t happening!  But now…”  Since turning 30 her previous non-negotiable is no longer an obstacle that stands in her way of finding love.  Her outlook got me to thinking…

What would I be willing to do in a relationship that I previously would have never done?

                As my quarter-life anniversary of life approaches, I’m forced to take a serious look at my life and what it is that I honestly want out of it.  When doing this analysis I’m forced to acknowledge that there are currently things I am not opposed to doing, within the realm of relationships, that only a couple of years ago I’d have never in a million years even slightly considered.  The biggest thing that tops the list for me is…

I Would Be Willing To Move For Love

                It is that simple.  I would.  Previously I saw this as such a major sign of weakness on the woman’s behalf.  I saw her bending over backwards to please a man and to me, that was a complete contradiction of what chivalry was supposed to be about.  I figured if a man wants to be in a relationship with me that bad he will be willing to move to wherever it is that I live and chase me around the world.  As my baby cousin Jana has been known to scoff at me, “Mina, you just want somebody to kiss you’re a$$.  Ugh.”  (Lol, you’ve got to love family!) 

                I admitted to Jana at the time that yes she is right, but now that I’m a bit older I recognize the importance of both people kissing each other’s behinds.  If both are doing it equally, it ultimately looks as if both parties greatly appreciate each other.  I am more than okay with that.  And if part of the mutual “kissing of arses” entails me moving to be closer to them, whether that be a short distance across town, across the country to Hawaii, or around the world to Asia, I would be okay with doing that.

                Some (many) may call it stupidity but ultimately we’re each given one short life to live.  I believe the true tragedy would be in not taking advantage of each viable opportunity as it comes your way.  It’s making powerful decisions such powerful sacrifices for the sake of love that improves one’s overall quality of life.


6 thoughts on “The Evolving Faces of Sacrifice in The Name of Love

  1. Wow Ash, nice to see you’ve come around… lolz
    But naw man, love is powerful as heck… it’ll make you do things you never imagined doing, that’s for sure.

  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff boo. If you want him, get him and keep him. If he wants you, he’ll do the same. A good relationship as so many ppl have said is about making compromises — so many ppl look down on that like yeah, whatever, but compromises is key! Its really a compromise for YOURSELF! If you want that man and he has to be in Texas and his business thrives there or whatever — you’re sad at home without him.. WTH are you doing at HOME? Take your tail down there and be happy! So many little things get in the way of happiness, we need to remember the GOAL, the end result! I always say, its too many rules to success and not enough winning going on! #win boo, #win. ♥

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