Work Is Kind of Crazy

            Today is the first full week of April!  To many of you, this means that Spring is coming, school is wrapping up or it gives you a starting point to begin a new challenge.  For myself however, the first week of April does nothing more than incite stress…

This marks the end of the first quarter.

Last year when I was learning my position, my desk DEFINITELY looked like this! Nightmare! lol

            In my job industry, the ending of any quarter or full fiscal year means that I am put on limited time-constraints to have a bevy of paperwork completed.  Whether it’s related to federal tax liabilities that must be paid or other federal reports that must be filed, I am responsible for getting it done.

            With that being said, time is something I don’t have a lot of right now (well when do I ever really have a lot of time?  There’s always something that I need to be doing smh) so my posts may be a bit spotty this week.  I’m going to attempt to write them at night so that I won’t have to be bothered with them in the middle of my workday. 

Happy Monday! :p


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