What Is Up With These Double-Standards of Beauty?

            When one thinks of the term “super model” you picture a figure that possesses universal natural beauty, someone who the vast majority of populations would find to possess awe-inspiring physical appeal. 


            I’ve yet to hear one person find Eva anything other than beautiful.  Regardless of whether she’s fresh-faced from a nap (we all watched her on ANTM) or if she’s freshly madeup for her red carpet photo ops, Eva embodies the “model” title she carries.

Asian model

           Although I am not privy to this model’s specific information, she emulates her culture’s beauty.  Even if the “Asian” look isn’t your forte, there’s no denying her modelesque features.

Adriana Lima

              This Brazilian bombshell’s good looks have been plastered all over American advertising, most notably as a Victoria’s Secret Angel.  Nothing more needs to be said.

W...T...Fudge?!?! Model?!?!

          And then we see this…America tells us that this is what beauty is to them.  Am I the only one that notices that the margin of beauty is MUCH more flexible regarding models of European descent as opposed to the EXTREMELY strict image of beauty that is applied to ethnic models?  Speak on it!
Sidenote: Yes, I’m aware that yesterday’s post was on me being more compassionate.  This post is very compassionate-I am looking out for the ethnic women who are held to a much higher standard of beauty than their European counterparts.  Could you all imagine the public outcry and disdain if an ethnic, buck (and gap)-toothed, big-eared, misshapen-faced model graced anybody’s “supermodel” runway?  It would never happen.  My point exactly. 

9 thoughts on “What Is Up With These Double-Standards of Beauty?

  1. If I’m reading this correctly you’re basically insinuating that all ethnic models are pretty much all beautiful and have no unattractive flaws to the vast majority of the population and any aspiring ethnic model with any type of abnormal feature (buck teeth, big ears, etc..) would fall short of success as opposed to her European counterpart. Basically, if you’re black and “busted” you have no chance to be a VS model, but if you’re white and wack you still may actually have a shot. Fair?

    Ok, with that being said there are a couple of ethnic models, in my humble opinion, that aren’t very attractive at all. Alex Wek being one of them and Iman Abdulmajid being another that comes to top of mind. I think some modeling companies are looking to go outside the box with some of these women and look for a certain “look” that isn’t necessarily what’s socially constructed as “beautiful”, but more so unique or beautiful “in it’s own way”. Whatever.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is the age old saying I suppose. The reality of the situation is, however, that the vast majority of models will be relatively attractive and based on the law of large numbers (more white people in the modeling game then black) there will undoubtedly be more “unique” models from the European counterpart that will slip through the cracks.

    • Regardless of how attractive you PERSONALLY may find Alex and Iman, who on earth do you know that PREFERS buck teeth, big ears and misshapen heads on a “supermodel?” Name a few universally-accepted flaws that Alex and Iman have? There are none.

    • Regardless of how attractive you PERSONALLY may find Alex and Iman, who on earth do you know that PREFERS buck teeth, big ears and misshapen heads on a “supermodel?” Name a few universally-accepted flaws that Alex and Iman have? There are none.

  2. Apparently, whoever hired and signed the model pictured above with all of the “flaws” you mentioned prefers it on a supermodel, lol. Is this woman even a supermodel, though? I guess that should be my first question. Regardless, I’m sure there are more then a few models with larger then average ears. Most of the time one wouldn’t notice too much since their hair normally covers up their ears. As far as the shape of one’s head, everyone has a different shape so it being “misshapen” is purely subjective at best. Tyra Banks and Selita Ebanks have huge foreheads, so what?

    The whole point is that the uniqueness of one’s looks can help a model every once in a blue moon. Honestly, whatever the designer is looking for to help advertise their product on the runway is purely their vision. Short/tall, big/small, black/white, superstar/ fresh face, straight teeth/buck teeth..whatever.

    It’d be different if every other model looked like the caucasian woman in the picture above. They don’t. So subscribing to the statement that America thinks this is what beauty is comes across as far-fetched. Just because the designer chose this particular model doesn’t mean all of America things she’s beautiful. Maybe she just fit the vision of the designer..who knows, lol.

    At the end of the day, generally speaking, no one prefers “ugly” on a supermodel. Alex and Iman fit in that category for me. Others find them beautiful….go figure. What makes said model ugly, however, is a matter of opinion at best.

  3. So I know it was just your opinion, Larry, but are you serious about Iman? I had to look up her last name, because when I read that I was like, I must be thinking of a different Iman, because Iman is gorgeous. And Alek, if you focus on her features…they’re universally pretty. The only thing that she has that’s different is that she’s very dark skinned and bald, which could then make her seem unattractive to some (which that alone could probably be another post).

    From watching too many seasons of Top Model, I’ve seen time and time again models advance who to me aren’t anywhere near pretty, but the judges like them because of their unusual features. These models are usually considered high fashion vs the ones who are more universally pretty who are usually considered more commercial.

    While the white model featured in this post to me isn’t pretty, she still has a model look to her. An Abercrombie type of look. But what I think is crazy is the standard of beauty for actresses. People like Sarah Jessica Parker being called beautiful makes no sense. Sometimes it seems like if they’re skinny with pretty hair then they get labeled as beautiful, in spite of their face.

  4. I think some gap-toothed models are okay.

    And by the way,I think I’d rather see a model whose beautiful in the inside and out, like VS Angel Miranda Kerr rather than be inspired by a beauiful model who is a bitch.

    But nobody will understand the model world. Thats why the industry is big, because everyone’s different………………….. :p

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