I’m a Grown Up

Greek salad, Sunday afternoon's lunch 🙂

Over the weekend I celebrated one of my closest friends’ birthdays…Melissa Kopriva (or Koko as I call her).  Early Sunday afternoon Veronika and I met up with Koko and it is there, while ordering my lunch, that it hit me, “I’m a grown up.”

Generally when I go out to a restaurant I see it as my opportunity to splurge.  Never do I think about, nor consider, calorific intake and the overall quality of the food I chose to order.  Yesterday however, after nibbling on an appetizer and munching on a few pieces of rye bread I realized I was no longer that hungry.  I opted to eat a small Greek salad and finish it off with a slice of cheesecake.

That is MAJOR for me.

In that moment I recognized in myself, my grandmother, mother and Aunt Lynne, who are all infamous for considering calories and fat, finding a healthier alternative to a popular dish and overall concerned with being conscious of what they are chosing to eat.  While I did mention that I felt like a “rabbit” after eating the veggie-heavy salad, there was no denying that it was rather tasty and I enjoyed it nearly as much as I would have a juicy cheeseburger.  I’ve been made fun of for years for my reckless eating habits and it’s something that I’ve never made apologies for. 

It is now that I am begining to take a realistic view of how today’s choices will impact me in the future.  Now that I have decided to get serious about life I can no longer afford to take my good health for granted.  My body is indeed my temple and my eating habits need to reflect that. 

Wow, I’m really a grown up! 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m a Grown Up

  1. You know that salad looks absolutely perfect to me! Like that is perfection on a plate. A bunch of rustic looking vegetables, with the same size chunks of feta, housemade lite greek salad dressing, with it looks like a sprinkle of fresh herbs. Literally simplistic heaven on a plate. My mouth is watering – I will be making this for dinner tomorrow.

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