How Liberal Are You?

J. Crew ad that features the company's president painting her son's toenails hot-pink

            A lot of people are pretty offended by the above ad.  I’m not sure what I think honestly.  I tend to side with the attitude, “It’s none of my business so I don’t really care.”  Overall though, I’ll be darned if I have a son and he’s rocking hot pink toenails at such a young age.


8 thoughts on “How Liberal Are You?

  1. It’s pretty apparent that Jenna was hoping for a girl. Looks like she got her wish! (I kid, I kid).

    But, I’m not necessarily offended by the ad. I’m pretty ambivalent to it and hold the same basic opinion you do. It doesn’t exactly make me want to go out and buy J. Crew clothing, I’ll tell you that. Then again their clothes make me not want to buy their clothing, either.

    I do feel some level of sympathy for the kid in the ad, though. I can’t imagine the type of ridicule he is going to endure when he is older when people blast him for being in a national advertisement for wearing pink toe nail polish. And I thought my mom embarrassed me when I was a little kid…geesh.

  2. I try to stay out of other ppls business but if I was specifically asked, I have a problem with this.. DM me or something if you want the real deal cuz I don’t feel like being attacked about my religious beliefs from randoms lol

  3. There’s no hiding my conservitive views. There’s no way on God’s green earth will I allow my son to wear nail polish, let alone be the one to apply it. I’m not particularly offended by the ad, but it bothers me a bit.

  4. I think that “offend” is a bit of a strong word for this… Do I agree with what mom is doing to son in this ad? No, but I’m not offended by it. Do I see what it has to do with J Crew clothing? No again. What IS her point here, really? I’m more confused about the relation of the concept and the brand than the concept itself. Call me an ignorant conservative all you want but I don’t get it.

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