You ever had a “blah” day?  When nothing spectacular seems to be going on and everything seems mediocre at best?  Of course you have.  And today is that for me.

Because I was out and about last night, my hair reeked of smoke so I had to wash it this morning.  That would normally be okay except for the fact that temperatures are in the 40’s now and walking around with wet/damp hair isn’t the best look, blah.

Next up I couldn’t find anything too spectacular to wear because I need to do laundry…bad.  It’s been about a month since I last did laundry-I have options to wear, but they just aren’t the options I’d prefer, blah.

Then my nails…the polish has been chipping for days and now the tips of my nails are peeling.  I guess my nails are dry perhaps?  What I do know is that I need to polish them and get them fresh again but free time like that has been hard to come by, blah.

My older cousin is having a baby shower in about 1 1/2 weeks and I’m not even halfway finished with the baby gift I’m giving…it’s that time thing again.  Blah.

And then my book.  I’m behind.  So behind.  And I’m getting overwhelmed.  My homie told me that there’s no way I’m going to be able to finish it within the timeframe I’m shooting for and his words keep playing over and over in my head… “You’re never gonna finish it that soon…no way.”  Ugh!  So instead of writing more, I’ve been buying spirituality books and other things in an effort to draw closer to God for my ereader and I’ve been reading those things when I’m supposed to be writing.  Ugh, blah.

Yesterday was such a good day…I should have known it would be followed by a blah day.

Oh and lastly…this morning I discovered a pimple on my forehead.


I’ve devised a To Do List to get me back on track.

1) Spend most of my afternoon at work writing on my book.  After my 1 o’clock appt it’s just me and The Book (the current title of my work since titling is the very last part of my personal writing process).

2) Leave work early so I can get started on laundry (Monday and Tuesday I stayed pretty late so I have no guilt about today).

3) While laundry is going, start working on my cousin’s baby project while I watch television and catch up on my shows (multitasker, heeey!)

4) Make sure I make it to evening service tonight…I’ve missed church for the past several weeks and the Holy Spirit has been convicting me something TERRIBLE-it’s time to tithe my little monies and get rid of my guilt that has been manifested in those random books (The Shack et al…) I’ve been buying smh.

5) This is my most IMPORTANT task on today’s To Do List…make sure I stick to this list!  I’ve got to turn this day around…I can’t go on like this-I will never get to see April 20, 2011 again so I need to make sure it’s a good one.


4 thoughts on “Blah…

  1. You know, I was gonna leave a very facetious, jokingly serious comment that I thought was clever that might get a laugh…but realized I would probably be the only one laughing so I thought better of it.

    So I’ll say this. You can absolutely positiviely accomplish everything on your to-do list. Good luck and hopefully karma will grant you multiple good days in a row starting tomorrow.

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