True Clean Towel

After taking a shower, have you ever been confused as to which part of the towel you should use when drying off?  Do you question if you’re drying your face on a section of your towel that the day before you used to dry off your nether regions? 

One man has found a solution to this problem.


Introducing the True Clean towel, $19

Adam Ross, a New York-based graphic designer, came up with the concept for the True Clean Towel, which features simple directions to prevent people from using the towel in areas they’d like to avoid.  It seems as though it’s a germaphobe’s dream come true!  After selling this product for a year, Ross has recently gotten Bed, Bath and Beyond on board to sell his product.

The only thing I can say about this entire thing is why didn’t I think about this?  It’s one of those basic inventions that will now have him set for life.  Things like the True Clean Towel and the idea of wearing your bathrobe backwards, i.e. the phenomenon best known as a Snuggie, frustrate me sometimes lol.  But hey, more power to him.


One thought on “True Clean Towel

  1. I know what you mean about simple inventions that we missed out on:

    – like the buzzers that light up to tell you your table is ready at restaurants
    – u-scan/self check-out
    – motion sensor devices to save electricity

    Not saying the technology is always simple, but every great invention has to start with an idea lol!

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